When Homophobia Tries Hugs Over Hate

gay hug2

In this response video people stop being afraid long enough to be something more. Embraced.

Cisgenderfluid – Defining a Flexible CIS Gender


Charlie Glickman asks, “How do I describe myself when I’m simultaneously a cisgender man and gender fluid?”

20 Strangers Kiss for the First Time

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Who knew strangers kissing could be so romantic.

“We humans are attracted to the person, not the sexual identity”

Kinsey Scale

This comment by Taurus Hunting on the post Mostly Straight, Most of the Time

It Turns Out My Partner Is a Woman. So What Does That Make Me?

make me photo1 ANG SHERPA

Jason Rozek never imagined he’d be asking himself this relationship question.

Can The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Dance Together Without Stepping On Each Other’s Toes?


Edie Weinstein wonders if after 15 years of flying solo, with a few luscious layovers and perilous crash landings, can she truly allow herself to surrender and be protected by someone who possesses a more masculine persona?

Tell It to Me “Straight”


Mitch Helix wonders why “feminine” behaviors seem to make people think a man is gay.

About Those Expectations: 10 Questions About Gender

Peter, 50, Virginia

JJ Vincent asked a 50-year-old about gender, identity, self-expression, and what defines a man.

Let’s Talk About the B: Bisexuality

This isn't me. But he's awesome.

JJ Vincent found two men’s takes on bisexuality, the other love that dare not speak its name.

Commitments, Challenges, Character: 10 Questions About Gender

This is Stewart.

JJ Vincent asked a 52-year-old about gender, identity, self-expression, and what defines a man.

Bye-bye Binary

No binary photo by tobyotter

Dr. Aqualus Gordon believes straight men who find themselves attracted to other men should require no explanation and should definitely not be seen as pathological.

Bisexuality: For Lack Of A Better Word


James Patrik’s journey through bisexuality and other labels.

“My ex-wife knew, on some level, that I was gay, at the time we got married. We both were in such denial.”


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Public Bathroom Policies Change in Philly: Gender-Neutral Restrooms Now Required

gender, gender neutral, gender neutral bathroom, gender neutral restroom, philadelphia, pennsylvania

The City of Brotherly Love just became friendlier to the LGBTQ community with a law that requires gender-neutral restrooms in new and renovated buildings as well as other reforms.

“When I tell people I’m bisexual, everyone seems to think ‘Oh he’s gay, just not totally comfortable with it yet.’ It’s infuriating.”


These are comments by Doug and Jack on the post “How Not to Be a Jerk to Your Bisexual Friend”.

“Marriage as a tradition does not belong to *them* – it belongs to an *us* that includes me. “


This comment was by Tobias, on the post Same-Sex Marriage is Not Enough.