Construction Workers Yell Things At Women… But Not What You’d Expect!

Australian Builders street harassment Snickers ad

An Australian commercial for Snickers is turning the idea of construction workers catcalling at women upside down.

Are You Silently Endorsing Street Harassment?


Joseph Samalin explains that when men stay silent in the face of street harassment, we send the message that we are allies of those who commit it.

“Sexual orientation… natural; leering at women is not.”

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This comment by Richard on the post USA: Male Privilege of Not Knowing

USA: Male Privilege of Not Knowing


Joe Samalin explains how his male privilege allows him to choose to ignore the reality of street harassment, simply because he can.

How Men Can Fight Sexual Harassment


The better you understand how sexual harassment functions, the easier it is to work against it.

Self Check: Holding Ourselves and Our Communities Accountable


Kai M. Green insists that too many times, oppressed people use whatever power they have secured to oppress another, instead of using that power to challenge the hierarchal order of things.

Kamau Bell is a Dude, and He Wants to Have a Conversation With Other Dudes

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W. Kamau Bell attempts a dude-to-dude discussion about street harassment…via megaphone.

Spring Has Sprung, But You Don’t Have To

stop street harassment, objectification of women, good Men project, Jamie Utt

With warm weather comes more revealing clothes. Jamie Utt encourages men to resist the urge to objectify or harass women in the spirit of “Spring Fever”.

Since a Woman Was Stabbed, I Can No Longer Laugh off Catcalls

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 9.29.20 AM

Kate Conway and her friends used to laugh off the street harassment they endured every day. But now they are starting to understand the danger.

Why Men Catcall

Screen Shot 2012-09-16 at 10.13.14 AM

For today’s Man Up Monday, Carlos Andrés Gómez challenges men to rise up against the street harassment so many of us have become desensitized to.

Working-Class Beasts and Rape Culture

TweetTW for harassment. This article provides an excellent example of how the Knight/Beast dichotomy plays into rape culture. Some men harass women on street corners. Generally, our culture presents it as being working-class men– archetypically, construction workers. They’re Beasts, not like the nice Knights who can be expected not to whistle at women who don’t want […]

Why Are Guys So Obsessed With My Butt?

Screen Shot 2012-07-11 at 3.45.55 PM

A woman hopes Eli and Josie can shed some light on why guys are so obsessed with her rear-end.

Racialicious on Walking While Black

TweetRacialicious has an excellent post on walking while black. I have felt like Trayvon Martin. Many many times while walking at night, being pulled over by police, being told that I’m not supposed to ‘be.’ My ‘being’ in a space has caused questions, concerns, suspicions. In the back of my mind I always wondered if there […]

6 Ways to Help Your Daughter Deal With Sex-Based Harassment on the Street and In School

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Soraya Chemaly has advice for dads who would like to talk openly with their daughters about sexual harassment.

Schrodinger’s Rapist: Yes, We Have To Talk About This Again

TweetTrigger warning for discussion of rape and abuse. Schrodinger’s Rapist is not about “all men are rapists.” It is not even about “all men are potential rapists.” All men are, in fact, potential rapists, in much the same sense as all women are potential rapists, and all brunettes are potential rapists. All people are potential […]