Don’t Settle


The greatest defeat in life comes when settle. In the words of Churchill,”never, never, never give up.”

10 Gifts a Dad Should Teach His Daughter

10 gifts dad daughter Shardayyy:Flickr

10 gifts a daughter will treasure forever, no matter her age.

Coming Back From a Setback


Self explanatory title. How to get back up after you fall.

Of Tears and Testosterone: Reflections on the Manliness of Grief


Traditional American masculinity did little to help Miller Williams handle his profound grief. Here’s a glimpse into his process, and the experience that brought him to it.

7 Ways to Be A Man That Matters

real man

Himay Zepeda on essential elements to being a man

Deadlift 994 Pounds? No Problem! (As Long As You Are The Mountain from The Game of Thrones)

deadlift 994

Yes, HafThor Julius Bjornsson really is as strong as he looks.

A Father And Son Share a Moment After a Football Game

Morgan and Oscar photo 2

Michael Ellis asked his friend to share the backstory father and son photo that conveyed a powerful mix of frustration, composure, vulnerability and strength.

Maya Angelou Makes Me Strong

library-Loughborough University Library-flickr

Maya Angelou’s dignity and bravery gave one young man “rich chunks of hope” that he would survive, and eventually thrive.

Strong Men Wear Dresses


A guy who put on a dress as a grad school assignment reflects on the power of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Do Men Cling To Their Mask of Masculinity?

The Mask photo by Andres Por

Graham Phoenix used to regard the life he was leading as a lie. His fear was that people would see him as weak, indecisive and scared. He wonders whether this is typical for men?

Man vs. Chipper: 2-Minute Finger Injury Time-Lapse


Warning: Not for the squeamish. Behold the healing machine that is the human body!

The Fear of Being Alone


Why being alone can be the best thing for you.

5 Reasons I Don’t Say “Man Up”


Kyle Ashlee highlights the importance of Duke University’s #YouDontSay campaign.

How I Finally Got It Together To See A Therapist


LeRon Barton had to get past all the supposed reasons a strong black man doesn’t need therapy.

How Being Bullied Helped Me To Trust My Parents

bully, wolfgang brolley, neil hill, school, forgiveness, learning, parents, trust, strength, courage, letting go, grattitude,

A thank you note to my bullies.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Men: The Top 10 Issues of Men in 2014

Men photo by simpleinsomnia

Men’s roles are changing almost faster than we can keep up with the change. Here are ten reasons that make the conversation about men so incredibly important.