What Gentlemen’s Clubs Showed Me About Being a Woman

gentlemens club photo by H.L.I.T.

Sarah Caouette had several experiences with strip clubs, and each time she vowed never to go back. Now she knows why.

The Ballad of Betty and Veronica, Part III: Stripped and Totaled


We were on our last lap, so close to the finish line…

The Ballad of Betty and Veronica, Part II: Life With a Stripper


This woman was NOT just some stripper…

The Ballad of Betty and Veronica, Part I: Falling for a Stripper


Strip clubs are straightforward: girls dance naked for money and guys pay to be chauvinists. Not exactly the best place to find yourself a date … right?

Strippers I Have Known: The Ladies of Lexx Vegas


In the second installment of his ongoing “Strippers I Have Known” series, Ryan Bjorklund talks shop with strippers (and close friends) Sarah “Maverick” Christian and Sarah “Dixie” Watson.

Inside a Strip Club


What really happens behind those doors? I set out to find out.

#2 Foxy Lady

foxy lady

I met Jake soon after he’d spent the night in jail.

Is Male Lust Turning Us Inside Out?

photoimage by kylelane66

Tom Matlack wonders what would happen if men were allowed to be open about their lust.

The 37-Year-Old Virgin

“I want you right now,” she said in her best attempt at being seductive. In September of 2010 I wrote about the 36-Year-Old Virgin turning 37 and remaining untapped. I planned on waiting a while (but not 10 months) before revealing the final installment of this epic “Quadogy”. A quadogy is kind of like a […]


Everyone agreed that Dad-a-palooza was possibly the shittiest idea ever. It’s an exciting day for Sex and the Single Dad.  As of today, the new blog, J.R.’s Journey, has launched, meaning the parenting and family content has moved there and this will go back to what it was originally conceptualized as–a blog about dating, relationships […]

The Score: Life Lessons From a Strip Club

Lessons from a strip club

Three hundred and fifty dollars, a double-team lap dance, and one debauched night later, Brian Gresko reflects on what he learned from his time at a New York City strip club.