How the War on Drugs Inevitably Targets Young Men of Color


Stop the war, bring our men back home

Dear White Racists: Apology NOT Accepted


There is a formula when it comes to apologizing for racist events. This time it’s not enough.

Tea Party & Likud East & West: A Symbiosis of Fear & Division


Warlords don’t have use for peace because peace doesn’t have use for warlords.

But it Was a Joke, Come on Man


We are horrified at blatant racist acts, but should we be?

So, a Jewish Man Walked Around Paris for 10 hours


…and all he got was this lousy treatment.

Acknowledging the Racism that Saturates Our Nation


Mayor de Blasio kicks off a a battle with NYPD over “The Talk” and Warren Blumenfeld sees a perfect chance to have a similar “Talk” with the nation.

A Lesson in White Privilege


What Selma taught this southern guy about the mind of white privilege

Blasting Away Black Faces and Lives


North Miami Beach Police Department proves structural racism is most definitely a thing.

#HandsUpDontShoot and #ICantBreathe

nation wide protest

Darren Wilson, Daniel Pantaleo, grand juries, and unanswered questions

To the People Complaining About the Inconvenience of the Highway Shutdowns

Protestor Rayyan Ali, December 4, 2014

Disruptions are temporary. Structural racism in this country is ever-present.

A Jury of His Peers?

anger ferguson Matt Rourke AP Photo

Neil O’Farrell thinks about wither justice.

Stigma + Violence = Social Control


“Concerns about institutionalized discrimination in the United States have repeatedly been raised…” — United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein

Ferguson, MO & Beyond Heroes, Holidays, Food & Festivals


How do we move beyond a narrow focus on race and justice in the USA?

Put Racism in the Right Place

put racism in the right place

This public service announcement gives a good perspective on a way we could deal with racism in day to day life.

Dear White America

Dear White America

Danez Smith is demanding that White America look and listen to the reality of racism.

The U.S.A. Doesn’t Want You

USA fight against cultural pluralism  laverrue:Flickr

A complete lesson in how U.S. immigration policy has helped create structural racism.