I Walked 1,400 Miles After My Son Died and Finally Forgave Myself

Barry Adkins walked 1,400 miles to speak in different schools about his loss of a son due to binge drinking. But the walk itself showed him so much – forgiveness, grief, and moving forward.

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The Struggle is Real

What I am going to say here will shock some people but the want to express this has been tugging at me for a while so I had to say it.

The Courage To Change

Change, even positive change, is hard for people to embrace. It’s a shift away from what they do and how they think; and, more importantly, it’s a shift away from who they are.

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Opportunity isn’t Luck, it’s Earned Through Struggle, Effort and Hard Work

We live in a universe in which uncertainty is a certainty. What we know compared to what we don’t know is literally nothing.

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