Manhood & Movies: The Top 10 Movie Stunts of All Time

This list will make you appreciate the men who entertain us in our favorite films.

BMX Bros Try to Pull a Quad

BMX rider lands first ever quadruple backflip!

If You’ve Ever Been Afraid….

Fear can be a powerful force against trying something new—but that might change after you checkout this incredible video montage.

Could You Catch an Arrow in The Air and Shoot it Back at Your Enemy? This Man Can.

Throw a beer tab and shoot an arrow through it? No problem. Welcome to 21st century archery.

In Praise of Tom Cruise

Steven Axelrod sees Tom Cruise, today’s action hero. A man who does his own stunts and performs so he’s worth the price of admission. Nothing else should matter.

A Stuntman in Slow Motion (Video)

See the stuntman from some of your favorite films, Dante Ha, fly in slow-mo.

Do Not Attempt: 5/18

There’s always some new stunt teenage boys are threatening their lives to perform … what stupid thing have you considered doing?

David Merlini aka Master Merlini Cancels New York Stunt

The show was to be the public debut of the first ever “real life comic book character.”

Bandit’s Dad Was A Smokey

Burt Reynolds did not feel secure in his manhood without confirmation from his father. Are you still waiting for yours?

Gambling Man

Titanic Thompson was a brilliant con man, a world class engineer of stunts and easily the most outrageous character you’re likely to encounter in a book of non-fiction.

Red Bull Launchpad: Submit Your Amazing Idea

Have you ever wanted to skydive from space, do a back flip on a jet ski, or snowboard down sand dunes? Well you’re in luck, my friend. Red Bull is ready to give your wildest idea wings with Launchpad.

Movies: From South Central to Hollywood: Black Stuntwoman Kicks Butt, Takes Names [@CijiTheGeek]

One of the most dangerous women in entertainment happens to be a sister.

Telling ‘Her Story’: An Interview With Aaron Au

Meet Aaron Au: Award-winning stuntman, fight choreographer, producer, director. And on a mission to expose the truths behind human trafficking.