Do You Trust Sex With Strangers?

Listen to your instinct, that’s where trust starts

Why I Ghosted My Step-Father

Michael Lombardi makes a good case for ghosting. Often thought to be selfish or immature, for Michael, it was about self care.

7 Keys to an Apology to Help Her Forgive You

Tor Constantino shares a personal screw-up that nearly cost him the love of his life—if not for a genuine apology that saved it.

Man Does Handstand at the Edge of a 40-Story Building (video)

This is just ridiculous.

Dumb boy face

Mastered in childhood and carried into adulthood, the dumb boy face is a pernicious mask handy for avoiding accountability, writes Craig Bloomstrand.

“I think it’s playing off the ‘men look funny in womens’ clothing’ thing which is a big part of western society’s current gender disorder.”

These are comments by RMNZ, Random_Stranger, and wellokaythen on the post “What Would it Look Like if Gender Roles Were Reversed in Advertising? (Video)”.

In Defense of Offensive Comedy

Eva Woods doesn’t like Seth MacFarlane’s dullwitted, offensive schtick. But she is glad that it exists.

ADD and the Significant Other

Divorce rates for those with ADD are nearly double that of the general population. Here are some tips to keep you from being another statistic.

Coping With Adult ADD

Think adult ADD doesn’t exist? Think again. J.R. Reed looks at life with the illness and shows that it doesn’t have to control your life.

Living Too Long Isn’t Killing Us, Stupidity Is

If you can’t fix stupid, America might be screwed.

Naked Quad Run Alternatives

Irresponsible ninja dads, officer-impersonating youngsters, and your weekly dose of stupid bank robbers. It’s Dudes in the News—Ya Heard?

How to Trap Yourself in a Bank Vault

Also: How not to join the mile-high club, how to compose an effective note for a silent bank robbery, and how to punch a teenage girl in the face.

The 10 at 10

Morgan Freeman on Black History Month, a guide to punching, and why we’re all getting stupider.