All About the Holidays


A number of writers familiar and new wrote for The Good Men Project this year. Here’s a roundup of some of their contributions.

Join the Conversation: Write for Us!


The Good Men Project is looking for your stories. We want your submissions on what you know, what you’ve learned, and your experience of being a man in the 21st century.

100 Words on Love is Back, and We Want Your Love

heart's blood

An open call: Tell me what you love.

Call for Submissions: LGBT Pride Month – The Stories of Older Men

older-men-Carolyn Ludden

We’re looking for gay, bisexual, and transgender men 40+ to tell their stories, to celebrate who they are and where they’ve come from, to share what they’ve learned and where they’re going.

Call for Submissions: What Do You Want to Talk About?

write for us

We’re looking for stories from gay, bisexual, and trans* men about the things that interest you that you’d like to talk about.

Rejected by…


The New Yorker’s loss is The Good Men Project’s gain! Send us your rejected poems!

Call for Submissions From the New Marriage Editor

couple, marriage, married couple, being together, companion, partner, friends

Ben Martin, the Good Men Project’s new marriage editor, introduces himself and asks for your thoughts on Marriage.

A Month of Thankfulness: My Son… My Sun

dad son Vans

From my four-year old son, I learn what it truly and authentically means to be a man.

Call for Submissions From the New Relationships, Love and Sex Editor


Jackson Bliss, the New Good Men Project’s Relationships, Love and Sex Editor, wants to read your stories

Adolescent Regrets: Call for Submission Due 7/13


What do you regret from your teen years? If you could go back, what would you do differently?

Scratching the Surface

Diana Palka 2

Diana Palka, the Good Men Project’s new Associate Editor for Education, Humor & Gender, takes a stab at what it means to “join the conversation” regardless of your credentials.

Call for Action From The New Education Editor

Mike Andrews new Education Editor

Mike Andrews, the Good Men Project’s new education editor, talks about how he came to be involved in education, and how you can make your own voice heard.

An Introduction to Politics

photo by MCAD library

Vincent Scarpa wants to talk politics, and he’s inviting everyone into the discussion.

100 Acts of Male Goodness: Call for Submissions


The Good Men Project invites you to share your stories of male goodness.

Call for Submissions: The Presumption of Male Guilt Thurs. Dec. 15

photo by renaissancechambara

We are looking for submissions that respond to the ways in which people and institutions presume that men are inherently guilty.

The Good Men Project Content Calendar

Calendar photo by Joe Lanman

Upcoming topics: Thursday January 12 Men and Media // Three-part series on Romance and Dating on January 15, February 1 and Feb 14