A Conversation Not Often Heard: An Honest One

Social worker, David Shaw is familiar with men who lie. He shares the value of honest communication.

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How Dads Can Raise Clean Teens In A Substance Abusing Family

You have managed to escape the family curse of substance abuse but now that your own children are approaching their teen years you are worried about allowing them to have contact with the rest of your family. Don’t worry dad! Help is here.

I am a Man, a Father, and a Survivor of Sexual Abuse

Empowered by recent sexual abuse scandals in the media, Scotty Schrier refuses to stay silent on what it feels like to be the victim of a monster.

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7 Ways Parents Can Help Their LGBT Teens Stay Healthy

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The Teen Texting Cheat Sheet

Tor Constantino’s top 20 troublesome teen texts for parents who want to protect their kids.

A List of Unsexy Things to Think About Before Committing

Not pithy, sexy, or fun, a relationship checklist to consider before making a serious commitment.

Cory Monteith Is Dead, But He’s Not The Only Addict

s.e.smith of xoJane discusses the tragic irony of romanticizing celebrity addiction.

JedCampus Initiative: Assessing Emotional Support Services at School

Though most schools have mental health services, not all are created equal; the Jed Foundation wants to assess the services of different schools so that they can make informed suggestions to incoming college students who need or desire exceptional emotional support resources.

New Study: Male Suicide at All Time High

Psychological and economic factors may be the cause of a rising male suicide rate.

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You Can Be Stubborn and Struggle, or You Can Seek Help

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Living in Gratitude

Compassion doesn’t have a zip code.

Invisible Men

Like all human beings, men need connections in their lives; we need to be able to share our experiences and seek support.