On the Road…Again. Tales of an Uber-Dad

Brian Rutter, dad of two daughters in the suburbs, finds himself living in a perpetual state of vehicular motion.

To Shawshank, With Love

Brian Rutter contemplates life choices and finds redemption through the power of Shawshank Redemption. Again and again and again.

A Dad Sounds Off on the “Thank You” Seekers

Where are the days where good deeds were their own reward? This dad wants them back and the attention seeking to end.

Pink Ribbons And Blue Balls

“But how do you recover when you’re used to keeping things undercover?” Brian Rutter talks about being diagnosed with “two cancers for the price of one”—and surviving.

Ethical Parenting Outside of New York City? You Must Be Kidding!

Ariel Chesler explains the importance of growing up where your back yard is connected to your neighbor’s yard, and your front stoop was mere feet from your neighbor’s.

My Hometown: Sweet Home Chicago

Richard Krzyzanowski reflects on life in the Windy City: street art love affairs, architecture and personality, and the best tamales that you will ever have.

The House Where I Grew Up

When Zach Weinberg learned his childhood home was going up for sale, he was flooded with memories of all he loved about living in the house on Halifax.

I’m Grateful for the Suburbs (and the Internet)

Erik Crosier is thankful for the speed with which we can connect, thanks to modern technology.

The Day Mrs. Ryan Broke Up Our Rock and Roll Band

In August, 1976, five kids from Northeast Philly were going to be the heroes who saved Rock and Roll.

Why I Purchased My First Hand Gun

One man from an anti-gun culture comes to embrace firearms and the responsibility and freedom they embody.

Guestpost #78: Jeremy Jacobson – Ten things I’ve learned from taking the bus to go to work at 6:12am everyday

#7 Timing is everything

Suburban Sonnet

It’s morning in the suburbs.

What Does Your Lawn Say About You?

‘Creative acts like landscaping can take on deeply social meanings, just as deeply social and political acts can manifest themselves in the landscape.’

Bye Bye Borders

Borders and Blockbuster have been shutting down stores across the country, and last month both went dark in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Date night

The bottom line is that just spending time with her is all I really need…   First off, big thanks to Genuine for opening up his personal wallet and throwing a hunski down on the table.  Ben Franklin is always a welcome chaperone on a date and in these economic times his presence is all […]

These People

At an upscale restaurant in a nice part of town, three girls sat around a table.  The first girl had dirty blonde hair with highlights and wore a large, expensive engagement ring.  The second girl had dirty blonde hair with highlights and wore a larger and slightly more expensive engagement ring.  The third girl had […]