Pushing Past the Terrifying Dip in Motivation

one step after another

You know, ‘The Dip’ — that slump that we all hit when things get hard, which is (sometimes) before the place where things get great.

The Case for Caring About Your Work

care about work

Why waste your time creating something you don’t care about, aren’t invested in? Life is too short.

You’re Not Doing Life Wrong

doing life right

Leo Babauta would like to assure you that you’re doing nothing wrong. That you don’t need to optimize or do things better.

The Things That Get in the Way of Doing

to do list

Leo Bbauta outlines some solutions to the obstacles that keep you from doing and accomplishing.

Success is When You’re Scared as Hell But You Move Forward Anyway


I’ll admit it. It scares the hell out of me. To step into the unknown. To take a path I’ve never taken before.

How Can You Help Your Child Live Up To His Potential?


Remember, your children can’t inherit your success.

The One Passion, Besides Sex, That Can Drive Men Wild


What are you not doing in life today that really brings you excitement and joy? Start doing it.

Why Creatives Don’t Succeed in Traditional, 9-To-5 Work Environments

creative in a nine to five job

Full-time jobs are not for everybody.

Why You Should Never Assume Anything About People With Autism

daryl hannah

There are many successful people with autism yet it’s still thought of as an inevitable disability.

Turn Inspiration Into Action

good idea

How many times have you read a great article, or had an idea, or wanted to make a change … but then didn’t?

Why a Woman With More Drive Than You is the Best Motivation

woman with drive

Your partner should inspire you, and make you want to push yourself further.

Learning to Live With Dread

Living With Dread by Stephen Saucier

Matthew Rozsa shares his secret for not worrying about the end of world and everything else that makes him anxious.

What Feeling Safe Has to Do with Success


Safety first: Mike Iamele notes how ensuring your security has a lot to do with everything.

Why I Quit Being Successful


For Mike Iamele, success started to mean all the wrong things. He couldn’t imagine how much this realization would change his life.

Changing Careers is Wonderful … Even if it’s Been Like a Mistress


Working in the newspaper business provided so many life lessons. Now, though, it really is time to leave it for good.

The Futility of Always Pushing Myself to Be More


For the last eight years, Leo Babauta has had an internal struggle: between wanting to improve himself, and wanting to be content.