The Pros and Cons of Workaholism

Matt Rozsa Working

Being a workaholic has its advantages and disadvantages. Matt Rozsa takes a look at both.

A Lesson On Overcoming Self-Doubt


Feeling self-doubt is just part of being human, but understanding your psychology can help you overcome it.

A Real CEO To Explains How Most People Screw Up Networking


Greg Isenberg has cracked the networking code.

A New Year Without Resolutions: 5 Ways to Grow in 2015


Surround yourself with people that inspire you.

Why 6-Week Goals are More Motivating than Your Resolutions

photo from death to stock photo

5 Reasons why 6-week goals are better than 52-week goals

The Only Way to Lose Is to Vote Yourself Off the Island

dont vote yourself off the island

Ira Israel draws inspiration from Ken Robinson’s TED Talk to look at ways to shift the educational paradigm.

New Year’s Twofer: Keep Your Resolutions AND Improve Your Relationships

a kiss at midnight

Mark Goulston wants you to imagine yourself saying on Jan. 1 2016 “this is as good as it gets”. And with the help of your partner, that can be possible.

How to Make the Most of the New Year

How to Make by DIVA007

Jeff Goins doesn’t make New Year’s resolutions. Here’s why.

Living With Gratitude At Year’s End

Gratitude makes life bearable.

The year is quickly coming to a close. Dr. Steve suggests giving yourself a year-end gift and make a list of everything for which you are grateful.

3 Goal-Setting Mistakes To Avoid When You Make Your Resolutions

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For most people, January is the most crucial goal-setting time in life. Here are 3 Goal-Setting Mistakes You Should Avoid

How to Live the Happiest Life Possible—Advice From 1,000 Elderly Experts


Happiness is a choice, not a condition.

7 Things You Can Do To Instantly Feel More Confident


Self-confidence has a direct bearing on how successful you are and how good you feel about yourself.

Tim Gunn’s 5 Rules for a Fabulous Relationship


Fashion Godfather Tim Gunn never talks about relationships, but Tor Constantino still gleans some relevant—albeit unintended—marriage advice.

20 Things Successful People Refuse to Do

Confident male business leader with his team

“They know what they want out of lives, what they are looking for, and they have their own rules for making all that happen for themselves. They don’t rely on outside approval. They don’t need others to prove their worth.”

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