Two Trips Home: A Vietnam Story

A soldier’s brush with tragedy both abroad and at home.

What The Most Compassionate People All Have In Common

Jordan Gray says that all of the most compassionate people have this one thing in common (and it isn’t what you think it is).

What My Arranged Marriage Taught Me About Love, Commitment, And God

How would you do in an arranged marriage? Ramkumar R S shows us what is possible when guided by the divine.

The Courage To Endure

The choice to find meaning in suffering is one of our greatest opportunities. This requires courage. This requires fortitude. This requires endurance.

The Universe as Cosmic Enabler

We’re all here today because of mistakes we didn’t pay for. We’ve all dodged a thousand bullets to get to where we are today. And if we’re around next year, it’ll be because we dodged dozens more.

Finding Value in the Pain of Your Divorce

Katie Vessel says you have to feel the hurt of divorce to learn—and heal—from it.

The Worst Part of Being a Parent

Quote from Richard Ford’s “Independence Day”.

The Painful Beauty of Impermanence

If we remember the impermanence of life, perhaps we could appreciate its gentle passing with as much appreciation as a cherry blossom.

From Atheism to a Kind of Faith

Ty Phillips shares a short tale of finding grace.

Everything You Need To Know To Be Happy (Even After A Near Death Car Accident)

Ira Israel was asked how he learned everything he knows about happiness. This is his vulnerable and inspiring answer.

Five Essential Skills for a Life Well-Lived

There are no do-overs so we may as well get the most out of this ride called life –here are five skills that may help you do just that… – – – As far as any of us know we only get one go-around in this thing called life. There are no do-overs once we […]

Stay With the Pain, Don’t Shut It Out

Not all of Tyler Durden’s advice in Fight Club was sound, but this piece has merit.

From Bouncer to Buddhist—a Journey Towards Peace

Ty Phillips didn’t think twice about violence, until he started thinking seriously about it. Then everything changed.

The One Secret to Feeling Totally Alive

The way to feel totally alive is actually quite simple (but not necessarily easy) and it boils down to making just one choice…

Is Compassion Really the New Cool?

The drive to show “masculine compassion” misses the point about human struggle.

A History of Violence

Alex Gallo-Brown reflects on one man’s acts of violence, and the impact they have had on his life.