The ‘Strong Silent Man’ Stereotype is a Recipe for Suicide

Our society encourages men to be strong and silent with their emotions. This type of attitude is dangerous to men who struggle with depression.

How to Find Hope in Your Darkest Hour

One man, extending a lifeline to a friend learns sometimes it’s not the end after all.

International Men’s Day: Helping Men Talk About Being a Man

Glen Poole wants to help men talk about masculinity, men’s issues and the experience of being a man. All of which we obviously find incredibly important here at The Good Men Project.

Tell Me I’m Anything But Depressed!

Adult men are often the same. Their depression doesn’t always manifest as crying, lying in bed, or other stereotypical symptoms of depression. Very often their spouses don’t even recognize the depression. I frequently hear about partners who view low energy as laziness and decreased sex drive as dissatisfaction with the relationship.

Honoring the Humanity of Our Veterans

Part of honoring our veterans is serving them when they return to civilian life.

Why Coming Out Matters

“Come out to your relatives…come out to your friends…if indeed they are your friends. Come out to your neighbors…to your fellow workers…to the people who work where you eat and shop…”—Harvey Milk

One Suicide Survivor Gives You Six Inspiring Reasons to Hold on

Suicide Prevention Week may be over, but we must still refuse to go gently, we must still coax those at risk to safety. Melanie McKinnon is a survivor sharing her special reasons life offers hope even during the darkest times.

Suicide Through the Cracks: the One the System Missed

This is what suicide looks like, when you would do anything to make the pain go away.

Help for Those Considering Suicide

Wellcast offers help during National Suicide Prevention Week.

On the Edge of Suicide

One man’s story is proof that a single moment can forever alter a life. Especially when the end promises peace.

I’m Glad You Didn’t Jump, Shannon

Trapped between life or death after an impromptu walk one night, one survivor confesses why she decided to live.

Is Vulnerable the New Macho?

Ideas about masculinity and vulnerability are changing. But is it enough to save men’s lives?

7 Dangerous Myths about Depression in Men

In 2013 men accounted for 80 percent of deaths from suicide. Yet, men seldom seek help for depression.

7 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Being a Man — Edgar Wilson

What do boys need to hear in order to become men? Edgar Wilson reflects on the things he didn’t know as a boy, but now is cautious and aware of as a man.