One Man’s Life-Long Love of the Allman Brother’s Band or How Music Saved My Life


Think music is just for listening purposes? Think again.

Suicide Rates and World Cup Results: Beyond the Numbers Game


Several studies appear to show quite noticeable associations between hosting and performance at World Cups and suicide rates.

Black Parents, Gay Sons, and Redefining Masculinity


It’s time to stop hyper-masculinizing black men: Edward Wyckoff Williams discusses.

Supporting Youth and Preventing Suicide


Dave Anderson talks about the biggest challenges around supporting troubled teens and young adults.



Todd Davis offers a meditation on one man’s death and the stories we tell to gloss over ugly truths.

Join Me in the Classroom, Mayor Hamilton, and Tell My Students to “Grow a Pair”

Porterville, California, Mayor, Cameron Hamilton, grow a pair

Porterville County Mayor Cameron Hamilton’s message to targets of bullying generalizes and negates the bullied child’s experience.

How I Tried to Change the World and Failed

Jack Park Headshot

A story of vulnerability and learning from a University of Pennsylvania junior.

What I Would’ve Missed out on if I’d Committed Suicide

shooter-Jhong Dizon-flickr

Danny Baker wants to remind you that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

I’d Rather Be Girl-Untitled Documentary-Nicole’s Story


What if you were cast as the wrong character in the story of your life? Would you be brave enough to re-write the script as Nicole is doing?

Hike for Heroes 2014: Combating Veteran Suicide One Step at a Time

Hike for Heroes 1

Support a father and son pair as they hike the Appalachian Trail to raise money and awareness to save veterans from suicide.

14 Strange Facts About Men (Video)


Learn 14 things about men that you might not already know (or want to know)

#YouCantBreakMe: These Bullying Victims Prove You Have To Go Through It To Get Through It (Video)


Many ‘beautiful’ people have battled through ugly pasts. In this video, you’ll see their testimonies.

Austerity Led to a Rise in Male Suicide—It Wasn’t Inevitable

Depressed man

A 20-year decline in suicide in the UK came to an end in 2007. Since then the suicide rate has been rising, especially among men, who are three times more likely than women to take their own lives.

The Valuable Lesson of Mortality

Memento Mori

The questions we dread are the same ones everyone else dreads. They’re better asked and contemplated in community.

Men of the West: It’s Time For Us to Hold Our Ground

men of the west

Just being a man puts you out higher risk for suicide. Graham Scott thinks it’s time we changed that.

You Probably Don’t Practice the Most Important Skill in Life

handshake, social, connection, statue, social excellence, social animal,

You are a SOCIAL animal. So why accept social mediocrity?