It Ain’t No Lie, Baby

Yes, I can be bi and in a monogamous relationship with a woman. No, I am not a unicorn. Daniel Crocker explains.

Find Out What Saved an Inspiring Hockey Player from Suicide

His thoughts would take him places he didn’t want to go. He’d question his abilities. His mind would take him to dark places.

Can We Just Stop Hurting Each Other, Please?

Cabot O’Callaghan mourns a friend who chose to walk into darkness and calls for us all to shine a little brighter.

He Stayed When Most Would Have Left

Suicide survivor Madison Rae shares her story, and thanks her husband, who stayed through her mental illness “in sickness and in health.”

‘Suicide Hits You in the Guts Like No Other’

Marshall Dunn, author, speaker, suicide-loss mentor and coach, about his experience with suicide after his older brother took his own life.

Help for Those Considering Suicide

Wellcast offers help during National Suicide Prevention Week.

On the Edge of Suicide

One man’s story is proof that a single moment can forever alter a life. Especially when the end promises peace.

Suicide Notes Talk Too Late

Too often, the first and only time a man expresses how he’s feeling is in a suicide note. Men, we need to talk.

Why Suicide? The Worst Question of Them All

Survivor Rochelle Fritsch reminds us that asking “Why?” won’t help prevent suicide or comfort survivors. In fact, it may be the worst thing to say.

Can You Become Hooked On Suicidal Thoughts?

You might be surprised to learn that, for some people, pervasive suicidal thoughts and actions can have addictive qualities.

I’m Glad You Didn’t Jump, Shannon

Trapped between life or death after an impromptu walk one night, one survivor confesses why she decided to live.

Suicide – It’s Not Just A White Thing

Dr. Vibe asks Stephen Thrasher of The Guardian about the reasons for the growing number of suicides by Black Americans

I Think Of Suicide Like You Think Of Changing Jobs

Thinking often of suicide doesn’t make you suicidal.  Letting it plant roots in your mind is what pushes you over the edge. — I consider suicide. I write that in the present tense because that is the reality of my existence. I consider ending my own life. It’s not an every day occurrence, but the […]

I Think About Suicide Every Day

Kristin Diversi recognizes her sadness and the thoughts that crowd her mind. Still, she chooses to play, not to fold.

Death Is The Greatest Teacher In Life

Shawn Henfling believes that experience is lifes great educator.

Call for Submissions – National Suicide Prevention Week

Contributions requested. We want to hear from anyone whose life has been affected by suicide. We know. That’s a lot of you.