How Do You See Me?

PK Kersey recalls how a single event woke him up to the way he was perceived by others.

The Effect of a Suit on a Man

At a low time in his life, PK Kersey Jr. was given the gift of a suit. And that has made all the difference in the world.

Five Things Every Self-Respecting Man Over 30 Needs. And 40 He Doesn’t.

Thomas Pluck believes the things a man really needs are all-encompassing and don’t even require money.

How Cary Grant Taught Me To Love Sleep Apnea

Learning to accept the indignities of aging with dignity.

My Yoko Ono Appreciation Life

Yoko Ono’s new menswear line breaks new ground in men’s fashion.

On Men and Fashion

Or why hipster mustaches and bronies in fedoras are the new face of feminism.

The Art Of Manliness: I’m Conflicted

So there’s this website called The Art of Manliness, and I’m really of two minds about it. On a certain level, it’s damn near my lifestyle magazine, as they do approving articles on things I wear, do, and smell like. (Disclaimer: I do not use a safety razor, as suggested in that shaving article. I […]

Suits, Part One: Suit As Costume

In Western culture, the men’s suit is tied in with masculinity in a variety of ways. This is the first part of a planned three-part series teasing out some of the weird issues around suits and the wearing thereof.

Does This Suit Make My Butt Look Big?

Can you imagine the guys on Mad Men sitting around the office talking about feeling bloated?

Dress Like a Good Man

It’s every man’s most pressing question: how many patterns are too many in an outfit, and how do I match them? Okay, maybe not. But knowing how to not look like an idiot when mixing different patterned pieces can be a very useful (and manly) skill. (I mean, take a look at the outfits guys […]