The Book of Archie: Patriarch of the Manning Family

Archie Manning

  Archie Manning has raised two of the most successful quarterbacks in the NFL, he’s doing something right.  — The story of Archie Manning can read like somewhat of a fairytale. Standout Ole Miss Quarterback marries his college sweetheart Olivia and goes on to a lengthy career in the NFL. Archie and Olivia have three […]

Do You Even Sports Bro?


Shawn Henfling shares his waning interest in all things sports.

Cheating to Become Champions


Tor Constantino looks at how professional sports cheating trickles down to our kids.

How the Well-Meaning Super Bowl Commercials Fumbled Domestic Violence

How the Well Meaning by Matthew Straubmuller

David Pisarra offers a play-by-play analysis of the need to expand our thinking and inclusiveness on domestic violence and abuse.

Yeah, So Bill Belichick Kisses Like A Dad? That’s a Good Thing.


Justin Ricklefs is outraged at the backlash, criticism, and mockery that is being foisted on Bill Belichick for a simple fatherly act of affection. We may just need a #LikeaDad movement.

America’s “Horcrux”: Sports Heroes and Villains


Are we as a people too emotionally invested in sports? Kwame Brown, and Harry Potter, may hold the answer.

Dads Covered the Spread in Super Bowl XLIX Commercials

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 8.09.06 PM

This year’s batch of Super Bowl commercials were chock full of poignant homages paid to dads. Zach Rosenberg breaks them down.

So . . . This Happened: Three Things in Sports (Super Bowl Edition!)


After two weeks of talking about balls, the Super Bowl left us with more questions than answers. From commercials to the game’s pivotal play, we are left asking, “huh”?

Were You Watching the Super Bowl?


This year, over 110 million men and women tuned in to watch Super Bowl XLIX.

Super Bowl XLIX: Recapping the Patriots 28-24 Win Over The Seahawks


Wai Sallas recaps Super Bowl XLIX, highlighting the incredible personal story lines of the game’s unlikely heroes.

Oh, Snap! Football Phrases That Trigger Fatherly Tips


One Dad gets an interesting perspective of parenting from his favorite sport.

I Hope You Never Have to Make This Call

I hope you never by Richard North

Domestic violence is on the agenda this Super Bowl Sunday. Ella Hicks wants it to be there every day, too.

How My Son Taught Me to Love Football


As parents we try and steer our children down the road we think is best. Sometimes we are all better off when they forge their own path.

Dove’s Super Bowl Ad: We Love Dads!

We Love Dads by dovemencareus

Dove Men+Care’s Super Bowl ad celebrates fathers in this touching compilation. 2015 just might be the year of the dad.

Up Niagara Falls Without a Barrel

niagra descent

The climb was supposed to be a secret until after the Super Bowl, but the story was too big to contain.

Embracing the Over the Top Super Bowl Hype: More Cowbell!

GMP Super Bowl Article

What the Super Bowl really needs is more parades, more food, more prime time coverage, and some iconic animated TV specials.