People Around The World Will Act On Climate Change To Create A Better Society: Study

A better society is one way to motivate people to take action on climate change.

Why We Need to Ease Up on Ourselves

Theresa Byrne believes the path to personal improvement is through self-compassion, not self-bullying.

Breaking the Man-Box: How Women Can Help

Breaking out of the Man-Box isn’t easy. But men of all ages are doing it and Theresa Byrne wants to show women how to help.

See Jane Get Angry. Watch John Make This Common Mistake.

Jane is angry. John is about to make a big mistake. What should John do instead?

He Stayed When Most Would Have Left

Suicide survivor Madison Rae shares her story, and thanks her husband, who stayed through her mental illness “in sickness and in health.”

How Having Integrity Can Keep Your Marriage From Crumbling

View image | Actually doing what you say you will do is a big deal, regardless of how big or small the occurrence is. — I realized that I had blown it. A few days ago I told my wife I was going to do one thing but then did something different. If I […]

What to Do When Your Daughter Wants to Do Porn

A dad’s 19-year-old daughter wants to be a porn star. Does he honor her choice or intervene?

It’s OK If Your Passion Is the Job That Pays the Bills

Katie Vessel says being passionate about supporting yourself and your family is enough.

All Relationship Is For Healing

Jordan Gray says that we can get by on our own, but in order to have an exceptional life, we need to allow ourselves to lean on others for support. —– The purpose of any and every relationship in your life is healing. Whether it’s the healing you’re aware of… your ex that you want […]

Playing Fair: Doubt, Disability and School Spirit

Erin Kelly examines principal Ken Thiessen’s recent decision to single out a student athlete because of his disability. ——— Doubt is natural. It’s one of the many human qualities that’s born within the soul and blossoms in the light of the outside world. It’s bred by the things we see, hear, think and feel—and what we’ve done to […]

How to Be There When Someone Is Grieving

A friend’s unimaginable loss led Ty Phillips to reflect on his Buddhist training—and to appreciate his own blessings.

What to Do When Your Friend Comes Out to You

3 simple ways to be supportive when your friend tells you he or she is gay.

9 Questions About Living With Depression

You know those questionnaires doctors ask you to fill out about depression? Gabe Howard decided to publish his.

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How Fathers Inspire Confidence in Girls

Women of the world talk about how their dads helped them grow up to be strong.

Seeing Privilege as Myth: How Men Can Be Better Allies For Women

A man’s harassment of a female bartender inspired Sincere Kirabo to learn from women how men can help.