Finding Value in the Pain of Your Divorce

Katie Vessel says you have to feel the hurt of divorce to learn—and heal—from it.

I Am Proud Of My Masculinity

Graham Phoenix has felt a need to take control over what he does in life and he has had many reasons to question this over the years. He now realizes that this is an essential aspect of his masculinity, an important part of being a man.

Five Terrors of Being a Man

Mark Greene explores how men’s wide ranging fears remain hidden behind a facade of false confidence.

“If it wrong for little boys to be emotionally constipated by society, isn’t it wrong in other contexts too?”

This is a comment by ogwriter on the post “What Happens When Our Emotions Stay in Our Bodies”.

Bristol University Christian Union Denies Women a Voice

Citing scriptural justification, a university religious organization is being, collectively, a jerk.