100 Words on Love: Briney

20120730_183537 Bundoran

Feeling as if I can scrape the sky.

Are You Being a Man in Your Marriage?

happy family

Being yourself is key in marriage. If you’re hiding your masculine expression, you’re not being yourself.

Video: Quadriplegic Surfer Jesse Billauer Shreds In Malibu With Friends Jason Mraz and Rob Machado

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Jesse Billauer was on his way to being a pro surfer when a freak accident caused him to become paralyzed. But the dude can still shred…

Homeless Hippie Hitchhiker Handles Hatchet Heroically

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Soft-spoken sojourner saves stranger, seeks surfing, swears steadily.

10 Things Dads Love To Do With Their Sons


Fathers and sons share a special bond. Here a few ways that gets expressed.

Fatherhood, Photography, Surfing and Man. [Video]

stephen sheffield gallery

“I met Stephen Sheffield six years ago now when our wives and sons all started playing together. We’ve surfed together and played with our boys together for hours on end. And we’ve also collaborated professionally. Steve’s images were in the original GMP book. His suited man in the waves is the icon on our Facebook page.”

Copy That

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CJ Kaplan finds out what it takes to be both a father and a brother to his son.

Video: Watch Record-Setting Surfer Drop Into 78-foot Rogue Wave

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Breathtaking video of Garrett McNamara dropping into a giant rogue wave off the coast of Portugal.

America’s Dream Wave

Surfing at the Big, Bad, & Ugly Surf Contest, in Morro Bay, CA 1

In the endless ocean of hope and dreams, Steven Axelrod rides the wave of American eagerness.

Reading For All Mankind: The Voodoo Wave


Andrew Ladd reviews a new book about surfing, and wonders what it can teach us about being a good man.