Raising Boys with the Power of Storytelling

kook statue

“I’m slowly starting to realize that the best way to teach my sons is to role model behavior or tell a story. Better yet, tell a story that role models behavior.”

Save the Corals – What’s Beneath the Ocean?

save the corals

If we continue to live as carelessly as we have, what we will have is a planet filled to the brim with trash.

Eight Weeks (And One Testicle)

man with surf board

Cancer offers a spiritual gift if you know where to look for it. Even if you have to defy doctor’s orders to go there.

Using Fear As Fuel


Body boarding champ Fran J. Castro says that surfing and training helps him face his fears head on.

Sports Explained: Surfing


It is cold outside. Like really cold. What better way to take you out of the cold and into the sun than to transport you to the Pacific for Sports Explained: Surfing.

#GMPChat with Forever Boogies: Surfing for Climate Change

boogies twit chat

The director and men from Forever Boogies will join us for a special bi-lingual (English and Spanish) #GMPChat on Sunday December 28 at 4pm Est.

Forever Boogies the Documentary


They are more than surfer dudes. They are creating a group of well balanced young adults that promote health, both in people and the environment.

The One Secret to Feeling Totally Alive

Feeling Alive

The way to feel totally alive is actually quite simple (but not necessarily easy) and it boils down to making just one choice…

What Happens When Man Defies Nature? [video]

Surf the lake!

What’s a guy to do when it’s 26 degrees, windy, and snowing in Buffalo, NY? Grab a friend and go surfing, of course!

Laird Hamilton: On Greatness

Laird Hamilton - GMP

Uber-surfer Laird Hamilton, on not being your own worst enemy.

He’s a Giver, a Lover, and a Good Listener: Meet Jordan Gray, GMP’s Sex & Relationships Editor


There’s a new guy in town! Meet Jordan Gray, our new editor for Sex, Love and Relationships.

Another ‘Do What You Love’ Story: Shore Break Photos Redefine Surf Photography

Clark LIttle

Clark Little’s photos are not your usual surf magazine covers… but they’re totally breathtaking.

The Shark In This Video Was 3 Feet Under My Toes

Brad coder

Brad Coder was thankful he didn’t see the Great White Shark beneath his feet until he looked at the video.

The Best Way to Not Be a Has Been? Coach Will Bees.

ryan chin will bees

Ryan Chin can’t do all the tricks he used to, but that won’t keep him from teaching his kids two important words: Keep Trying.

100 Words on Love: Briney

20120730_183537 Bundoran

Feeling as if I can scrape the sky.

Are You Being a Man in Your Marriage?

happy family

Being yourself is key in marriage. If you’re hiding your masculine expression, you’re not being yourself.