Your Relationship As Foreplay (And How You Can Get Better At It)

Boyfriend kissing his girlfriend in bed

Jordan Gray says that every minute of your relationship is foreplay. Here are four tips that will help you have a better relationship (and sex life).

The Cutest Gangsta I Know—My Wife

The Cutest Gangsta by Sir Prise

This husband has one cool wife. And the look on her face when she sees he’s filming her is priceless.

Tears of Joy—a Soldier’s Homecoming

Tears of Joy by Bethany Bronson

Watch this soldier surprise his family as they’re making a video to send to him in Afghanistan.

10 Ways To Be The Most Romantic Partner She’s Ever Had

Beautiful Girl With Red Flowers. Beautiful Model Woman Face.

Jordan Gray wants to challenge the way you think about romance in long-term relationships, while giving you some simple, actionable tips.

Hah! Surprise Babies in the 115,000 Volt Substation

baby birds

Finding all kinds of cuteness, in the most amazing places.

The Engaged Diaries: When I Knew I Wanted to Marry Her

knew marriage

Himay Zepeda on recognizing the moment when…

The Cutest Video: Babies Discovering Things for the First Time

Cutest Thing Babies First Time

That blessed time when everything is new.

A First Love Found Me on Facebook 30 Years Later. What He Confessed Took My Breath Away


What Robin Rice discovered about a brief high school affair made her wonder: How would her life have been different had she known?

Hello, His Name is Mandy Patinkin, and He is Awesome

mandy patinkin

Mandy Patinkin didn’t know what was going on, and he thought it was wonderful.

Rubber Duckies, You’re the Ones: How to Freak People Out in 178 Easy Steps

Rubber Ducky photo by fontplaydotcom

JJ Vincent has a thing for rubber duckies. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Open Thread: Unexpected Turn-Ons


What’s surprised you about your own tastes?

The Secret to Desire in a Long Term Relationship


Esther Perel argues that good and committed sex draws on two conflicting needs: our need for security and our need for surprise.

Tyler Perry Donates $100,000 to Ohio Schools

tyler perry, facebook, ohio, donation, charity, celebrity

In a surprise appearance at an a middle school assembly, filmmaker and actor Tyler Perry showed up to donate money to fund the after-school activities in the city’s schools.

Mother’s Day Surprise: Son Buys Mom a House

michael luangrath, mothers day, surprise, inspiration, good men, mothers, sons, economy, real estate, pay it forward, cancer, cervical cancer

“She is the first person that loved me and probably the last woman that will love me till her last breath.”

Jennifer Lawrence Has a Fan-Girl Moment When She Meets Jack Nicholson for the First Time (Video)


What celebrity would make you say OMG?

Gaming: An Early Present from Batman: Arkham City

During the night, a psychopath dressed like a flying rodent came down the digital chimney with presents for everybody! Yay!