Powdered Sugar Birthday Cake Bursts into Flames as Kid Blows Out Candles

No one expects a giant fireball to come hurdling towards their face as they make their top-secret, super-special birthday wish.

The No-Notice Peace Out

Ghosting: The new trend in abandoning what we don’t like.

The Day My Cat Went from a “She” to a “He”

After being told that his long-time pet was a he, NOT a she, Adam Roberts’ perception of gender was turned upside down.

How Much Better Would Your Relationship be if You Could Read Your Partner’s Mind?

What if you want to prove your trustworthiness, but your partner is too scared to give you the chance?

Pick a Seat, Any Seat

Mega-friendly guy accidentally books a private jet.

A Valentine’s Day They Will Never Forget

Here’s how a little Valentine’s Day creativity will make them remember you forever…

Road Debris or, Wait… What Was That?!

That moment when what you thought it was is NOT what is was.

Aladdin Magic Carpet Prank

It’s not everyday you see your favorite disney character riding down the street on his magic carpet…

Seal Jumps On Guy’s Boat And Makes A Friend

Who doesn’t love a cute, cuddly seal?

4 Powerful Ways To Melt Their Heart

Jordan Gray doles out four tried and true methods for making your significant other feel significant again.

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A Wife Surprises Her Husband on Their 7th Anniversary

There are many ways to keep romance alive … but this one takes the (wedding) cake.

Returning Soldier Surprises Wife and Son at the Parade

This Rose Bowl reunion will touch your heart.

Your Relationship As Foreplay (And How You Can Get Better At It)

Jordan Gray says that every minute of your relationship is foreplay. Here are four tips that will help you have a better relationship (and sex life).

The Cutest Gangsta I Know—My Wife

This husband has one cool wife. And the look on her face when she sees he’s filming her is priceless.

Tears of Joy—a Soldier’s Homecoming

Watch this soldier surprise his family as they’re making a video to send to him in Afghanistan.

10 Ways To Be The Most Romantic Partner She’s Ever Had

Jordan Gray wants to challenge the way you think about romance in long-term relationships, while giving you some simple, actionable tips.