Survivor Advocacy Isn’t A Competition (Or You Aren’t Actually Helping)

James A Landrith on the equalization of healing between male and female sexual violence survivors.

“I Have Never Called Myself Survivor. Survivor Implies I Fought”

Saidu Tejan-Thomas on sexual assault as a young boy.

Don’t Call Me Strong

Being called strong was always a compliment, until I realized my version of strength was holding me back.

James Harrison: Fighter, Healer and Man with the Golden Arm

This man is considered a saint around the world, but that hasn’t stopped him from giving the most precious gift anyone can give.

30 Seasons of Survivor vs. 30 Real Worlds v. 30 Wrestlemanias. The Ultimate Triple Threat Match.

The start of the 30th season of Survivor necessitates a pivotal pop culture analysis as we are also in the midst of the 30th season of The Real World (true story) and there have also been 30 Wrestlemanias.


L. Lamar Wilson writes of men and rape, survivors and aggressors, in this stark poem.

She Was Raped Three Years Ago. How Do I Help Her Today?

Heather Gray helps a GMP reader who wants to support a survivor.

It’s Time Colleges Addressed Childhood Sexual Abuse Too

How can campuses expand their efforts and support for male survivors of childhood sexual abuse?

2 Domestic Violence Myths Busted

Sarafina Bianco debunks two myths about abuse: a closer look at common misconceptions during Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Who Will Outwit, Outplay, Outlast?

‘Survivor’ brings new twists into the game. Which man or woman will take home the title of Sole Survivor this season?

5 Signs You’re Being Played by a ‘Victim’

Thomas Fiffer pinpoints 5 signs that a “victim-player” is playing you and shares 5 traits of true survivors.

Question: “ARE WE THERE YET?” Answer: “WE ARE ON OUR WAY.”

On the progress we’ve made serving male survivors and debunking the myths of childhood sexual abuse.

You Don’t Need to Feel Ashamed

Survivors of sexual abuse can’t simply flip the shame button to the off position. If only it were that easy…

” Shame and guilt only drives abuse underground where it thrives.”

How Could You Love Someone Who Hit You?

How Could You Love Someone Who Hit You?

Sarafina Bianco, on reinventing herself five years after leaving an abusive relationship.

Healing from Abuse: ‘We Are Made To Soar’

Mark Riser is traveling the world, filming the stories of child sex abuse survivors. His mission: to help them rise up and live their dreams.