We Are Much More Than Our Experiences

Labels vs. Identity

We Lost a Warrior for Survivors

“The beauty of survivors is their capacity to show empathy and sympathy as they heal in a safe holistically sustainable group of mentors/family. They are our treasures.” – Alexander Villarreal

Trigger Warning: I’m About to Talk About Trigger Warnings

Joanna Schroeder explores the overuse of the term “Trigger Warning” in the blogosphere, and wonders whether the term actually serves to undermine the security of trauma survivors.

100 Red Quilts: A Public Space for Survivors of Rape and Abuse

A grassroots effort to support survivors takes its message to Baltimore’s Penn Station.

Is Forgiveness Necessary?

David Pittman, a survivor of abuse, examines the role of forgiveness in healing.

Healing From Abuse – Roads to Recovery

David Pittman reviews some of the therapeutic options for recovery from sexual abuse—from the traditional to the experimental.

Some Thoughts on Forgiveness

When it is possible at all, forgiveness is an ongoing, sacred process.

Don’t Give Up Your Life

If your family will not be kind to you this holiday season, please: be kind to yourself.

A Man Ought to Know How to Handle Something Like This

Bullying doesn’t always stop when childhood ends.

He Who Laughs Last: Ending the Cycle of Male Abuse

For comedian Billy Batz, Male Abuse Awareness Week is personal.