Zero Tolerance for Zero Tolerance

Zero tolerance in schools is a fickle beast. It leaves no survivors.

When Abused Women Speak Out, Men Listen

Not enough male victims come forward about sexual abuse and violence, so we listen to the voices of women for guidance.

Breaking Free of Silence and Shame

Dani Bostick breaks free of the silence and shame that surround sexual abuse.

Want to Better Support LGBTQIA+ and Male Survivors of Partner Violence? Here’s Why We Need More Gender Analysis

Think a gender-less approach to IPV work is best? Think again. That actually hurts survivors. Here’s how.

This is a Thank You letter

I’m done with false friends. (No, really this is a thank you letter)

Beyond the Abuser

Matthew Facciani looks at how our culture provides barriers for domestic violence survivors and what we can do about it.

Progressive Social Movements Spurred Holocaust Consciousness by Helping Survivors Tell Their Stories

April 15 is Holocaust Remembrance Day. But how did we come to commemorate the genocide of European Jewry in this way when survivors could barely speak of the horrors they endured?

Dear Survivor: There is Light in The Shadows

Luka Vaughan speaks directly to you from his own experience overcoming childhood sexual abuse.

3 Reasons Why Saying ‘Real Men Don’t Rape’ Reinforces Rape Culture

We’re propagating a dangerous met when we say “real men don’t rape.”

Domestic Violence in the LGBT Community

It’s a problem that transcends labels and identities. So why is no one talking about this?

50 Shades of Abuse

To stop abuse before it starts, Elisabeth Corey says we need to start with the belief systems that perpetuate it.

Lessons of The Underdog and Thriving Survivor

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” –Ernest Hemingway

21 Advocates for Men and Boys Who Don’t Hate Women

Believe it or not, there are people out there who support women while sticking up for men. Christopher Anderson lists 21 of them.

Bill Cosby and the Haunting Nature of Sexual Assault

Carly Puch explores the lingering impact of sexual assault against the backdrop of Bill Cosby.

We Are All on the Same Team

We have to look passed labels, appearances and perceived identities.

Rolling Stone and UVA: The Intersection of Journalism and Victim Blaming

Christopher M. Anderson uses Rolling Stone’s recent retraction about their University of Virginia story about on-campus rape to underscore the crucial need for responsible journalism in cases involving victims.