Men, Maybe it’s Time for a Little Rage Yoga?

Swear like a trucker and angry? Get your yoga mat.

I’m Teaching My Kids to Swear

DiaryDad is teaching his kids to swear like the “best” of ’em. I have given up on watching my language around my kids.  I don’t let them swear though and I have no problem with the double standard either.  I have friends on both sides of the fence on this issue. Some are very careful […]

Who was That Strange Man who Swore too Much?

You can’t limit the vitality of a book’s form without limiting the vitality of a book’s content.

Can Excessive Cursing in the Media Actually Make Our Kids Meaner?

Tor Constantino shares research that links excessive cursing in the media with aggression in kids.

Why This Dad Thinks Facebook Should Have an “R” Rating for Kids

Tor Constantino swears he’s not a prude—he just doesn’t think his teen and preteen are ready for Facebook. ___ I’m a parent of two daughters ages 11 and 13 respectively. Neither of them has a Facebook page—and they won’t in the near term. While Facebook itself has a policy that requires anybody with an FB […]

6 Tips to Keep Your Next Fight With Her From Going Volcanic

Every relationship has explosive conflicts. Tor Constantino shares tips from 20 years of marriage to help defuse them before they erupt.

A Teaspoon of Expletives Helps the Compliment Go Down

Sometimes it takes a few swear words and threat of bodily harm from a good friend to allow gratitude in.

Why I Don’t Really Give a **** If My Kids Curse

Dave Lesser argues that swear words aren’t the worst words a kid can add to their vocabulary

Hey Lady, You Suck at Parenting

Andy Hinds doesn’t swear in front of his kids and he has a message for parents that do.

Watch your %#$*ing Language At Work

Swearing is pretty common in pop culture, but Ged Naughton cautions that letting the f-word fly in the workplace could be a FCLM (a freaking career limiting move).

Swearing and Parenting: Goes Together Like Mac N Goddamn Cheese

Adrian Kulp thinks the dirtiest part of parenting might be the words that sometimes come out of his own mouth.

Boys Can Curse But Girls Can’t?

Noah Brand has a few choice words for the sexist stereotypes surrounding a few choice words.

Watch Your Mouth

Why something that sucks shouldn’t be a bad thing.

The Proper Use of Profanity

A basic guide to the correct use of English profanity.

Dear John: His Girlfriend Wants a Girlfriend, Too

This week Dear John addresses half of a threesome, grad party anxiety, and swearing in front of children.

“Pho-King. Oh my GOD!”

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