The Power of Empathy

power of empathy

Empathy and sympathy are vastly different. A clear empathic way to help those who are down with depression can make our communities stronger.

Why I Empathize with Jessa Duggar…and Why Empathy Can Revolutionize the Internet


“Empathy and good feelings can make the Internet a better and safer place for everyone,” writes N.C. Harrison.

The Empathy Test


Empathy is a human superpower.

Men and Sympathy: Why Are We So Bad At This?


A stranger reaches out for your help. Please don’t let her down.

The Real Problem With Jahar on Rolling Stone


Putting Tsarnev on the cover highlights the power he has left.

All Is Forgiven

fate of hypocrites, political hypocrites, religious hypocrisy, love thy neighbor, forgiving hate

There’s a difference between true forgiveness and turning a blind eye.

Jane Doe, You Are Not Alone

photo by krystynana

James Landrith offers words of support to a young girl who was not only a victim, but was blamed for being so.

“Boys learn that people don’t respect them if they have to sympathize with them.”


This is a comment by Web on the post “Why Are Men and Women So Different?”

Smoke, Mirrors, and Earthquakes: On Being a Male Survivor


Can the same sympathy exist for male survivors of female abuse , Tim Pylypiuk writes, as it exists for female survivors of male abuse?