Hearing Ta-Nehisi Coates While White: a Response to David Brooks


Ryan Williams-Virden explains how denying the truth about whiteness is standing in the way of progress against racism.

Who Cares If Elizabeth Warren Doesn’t Run For President?


Liberal’s obsession with the presidency is one of their biggest problems these days. So it’s official, the grassroots campaign to draft Elizabeth Warren formally titled “Run Warren Run” has dissolved. As a liberal I personally think Elizabeth Warren is a great senator and am glad to see more liberals getting involved in the nitty gritty […]

After Baltimore This Week, What Happens Now?


The recent unrest in Baltimore is certainly an important event, but it probably won’t lead to large-scale changes anytime soon. ___ Lots of people have been talking about the civil disturbances that rocked the city of Baltimore this week, and not without good reason. They clearly are connected to the recent controversies surrounding instances of […]

What Happens When Obama Talks About Race


If Barack Obama sounds cautious when he talks about issues of racial justice, it’s because he really doesn’t have much of a choice.

The GOP Wedding Dress Ad Fiasco Explained


Having diversity in decision making bodies isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s often the smart thing to do as well.

The Limits Of American Power

Peacekeeping - UNAMI

The current chaos in Iraq shows how limited American military power can be at times, and how big of a mistake the war really was.

Liberals Should Want Someone To Run Against Hillary


If liberals want their policy preferences respected they should work to get more people in the presidential race.

The Historian And The Politician


An online intellectual fight shows the limits of the historical perspective in politics.

Nelson Mandela: Why the Backlash is Wrong


Wilkine Brutus on how the absurd comments against Mandela are lacking the full scope of context.

On This Thanksgiving Let’s Be Thankful For Our Politics


Ten things political junkies should be thankful for this holiday.

Response From an “Angry” Black Man

A not so angry black man photo by .khale unger photography

Travis Bryant believes that instead of perpetuating stereotypes about black men, we should seek to find solutions through reforms in education and mass incarceration.

The Russell Wilson Problem


Travis Timmons wanted to quit football. As a fan he didn’t want to be complicit in the head injuries so many players suffer. But then along came Russell Wilson.

Changing the Politics of Street Harassment Means More Men Must Step Up


Nico Lang was thirteen when he was given his first Playboy, along with the message that “real men” make women into objects for their own pleasure.

Everyone Is on the ‘Down Low’ These Days

(I’m often asked what has happened to a particular person, or trend, that I’ve written about in The New York Times Magazine. People want to know what happened to the transgender middle-schooler, M., who was secretly living as a boy. Or they want to know how the young gay married couples I profiled are doing […]