What A Woman Means When She Tells Her Man, “I Want To Have Sex”

“Sex” doesn’t automatically imply intercourse…and women struggle communicating their cravings, too. So go ahead and pick her provocative mind.

Sex, and Drugs, and Rock ‘n Roll – Version 2.0

What I learned from my mom and dad about alcohol. 1. My dad was a full-blown alcoholic. 2. My mom rebelled against that alcoholism. 3. They divorced when I was 6 and my dad drank himself to death.

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Accused of revealing too much, Aussie blogger Reservoir Dad prefers disclosure over discretion

The Myth of One-Size-Fits-All Sex

Sexual instruction manuals perpetuate the notion that, despite the apparent diversity of ways to have sex, there’s just one right way for men to be lovers.

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Bro-ing Alone

College-age “bros,” writes Oliver Lee Bateman, have an extensive bro-cabulary for their describing their exploits, but don’t say much about sex.