How To Never Run Out Of Things To Say With a Woman You Just Met


How can you keep a conversation going with a complete stranger, and create that “connected” feeling?

Say More, Talk Less: 5 Ways To Better Your Conversation Skills


While many of us rely heavily on technology for communication, we still need to talk to people in the real world.

The Problem With “They Should Just Know”

Happy couple in love

Jordan Gray says that people aren’t mind readers, and we shouldn’t expect them to be.



Sam Pittman considers the relationship between poetry and more prosaic forms of communication in this father-son poem.

Comment of the Day: “If he does make tentative steps toward that then recognize that effort…”


Encouraging openness is important. Not berating a lack of perfection is, too.

Men Engage. Yeah, We Do.

Men Engage. Yeah, We Do.

Dameyon Bonson argues that, despite the popular stereotype, men do talk about their emotions, fears, and anxieties, but oftentimes, they just aren’t heard.

The Questions You Need to Ask Her

The Questions You Need to Ask Her EliJerma:Flickr

Relationships need good communication. When we invest time in asking each other questions, we save time having to make up for assumptions and mistakes.

10 Talking Points to Avoid Sounding Like Charlie Brown’s Teacher

Charlie Brown

Ben Stich was challenged by a GMP reader to offer tips for talking that would make partners want to tune in. Challenge accepted.

Talk Like A Man, Listen Like A Dog

talk listen dog duran dischner

Duran Price shows how listening to the feelings behind the words allows extraordinary human connection.

Dads Talk Funny: How Having Kids Changes How You Speak

Dads Talk Funny: How Having Kids Changes How You Speak

Adam Cherepski charts the many subtle and not-so-subtle ways that our language regresses once we become parents

Our Dining Room Forum

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Family traditions can happen anywhere. B.K. Mullen’s started at the table.

In Support of Dads: Joining the Parenting Equality Conversation

men, women, husband, wife, father, dad, mother, mom, talk, conversation, dinner, lunch, food, meal

Heather Gray thinks moms and dads need to talk to each other. Listening is nice, too.

Why Can’t Men Talk to Their Wives?

couple not talking

There are lots of reasons men have difficulty talking about their relationship. Here’s a few.

Waitin’ on a Sunny Day


On my PTSD, a Bruce Springsteen concert, and how I have to learn to open up in order to heal.

A Precious Practice


Communication is much different after going weeks without speaking.

Men Need Time


John Verling is a man of action, not emotion, and he would like others to understand that which he needs most.