Conscious Love: How to Improve Your Sex Life


Whether you’re single, married or in a relationship, below are some practical, yogic tools to improve your sex life. Make the transition from ‘having sex’ to ‘making love.’

Sexual Healing

kissing couple

A new vision of 21st century male sexuality.

Sexual Pain and Sexual Healing


Sexual pain is a common—and commonly misunderstood—burden, but there are proper ways of alleviating it. And they all involve a human touch.

“Too many people simplify blowjobs into a sex act and don’t experience the mutual passion and lust.”


This is a comment by Gordon on the post “How to Receive a Blowjob Respectfully”.

“Guilt and shame are seriously like bad cologne or a fart in an elevator.”


This is a comment by Hot-tall-intelligent-mature-HWP-blonde-blue-eyed-woman on the post “Can’t Get Laid”.