What The Election In Mississippi Means


Thad Cochran’s victory in the Republican primary yesterday has some big implications for the landscape of American politics.

Eric Cantor’s Tea Party Blues


House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s loss in a primary last night tells us a lot of about the state of the GOP.

Everything You Need to Know About Being a Good Guy You Learned in the Sandbox


James Stafford learned the secret to being a good citizen as a little boy. You probably did, too.

Why Republicans Are Even Losing Middle-Aged White Guys Now


Christopher Dale isn’t as liberal as he used to be, but he’s not ready to vote for bigotry and craziness either.

Why Angry White Men is Worth Your Time


Michael Kimmel thinks that the justifiable decline of hegemonic masculinity is driving the issues and anxieties of America’s angry white men—and he might just be right.

America’s Angry White Men

man on street

Michael Kimmel explains that today’s Angry White Men are looking backward, nostalgically at the world they have lost.

Calling Yourself a Patriot Doesn’t Make It So


Edwin Lyngar thinks that certain “patriots” protest a little too much.

The New America: The Tea Party Never Saw Us Coming


A look from inside the America the Tea Party doesn’t believe exists.

An Open Letter to Speaker Boehner


Professor Warren Blumenfeld’s Open Letter to Speaker John Boehner.

“Tea Party” Pollutes Body Politic


What’s in a name? When it comes to the “Tea Party,” a distortion of history.

The Soundtrack of My Republican Life

Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Republicans, right wing talk show hosts, right wing politics, Republican politics

How Edwin Lyngar became disenchanted with the right-wing political climate in which he was raised.

Machismo Is Poisoning Politics [Op-Ed]

u.s. capitol building

In politics today, compromise has become a synonym for weakness. Macho attitudes are standing in the way of progress.

The Meister Piece: Victoria Jackson, SNL Alum and Tea Partier


Susie Meister talks with Saturday Night Live veteran and devoted Tea Partier Victoria Jackson.

On Homophobia: The Elephant in the Room

Screen Shot 2012-10-31 at 12.38.00 PM

Tom Gaultieri examines the ways in which homophobia, not the constitution, have historically dictated laws about homosexuality.

Rape is God’s Way of Saying You Should Be Pregnant

Screen Shot 2012-10-24 at 11.11.09 PM

Thaddeus Howze is disgusted with the GOP candidates who seem to justify rape as being part of God’s plan.

On the Eleventh of the Eleventh

Screen Shot 2012-09-11 at 9.21.40 AM

Looking back upon what we could have learned from 9/11, Greg Olear sees only opportunists of many stripes using the events to further their agendas.