School Board Lets Trans Teacher Keep Her Job


For once, there’s a happy ending to a story about ignorant parents attacking a transgender teacher: the school board of Lumberton, Texas has decided to stand by Laura Jane Klug, and returned her to her duties in the school system.

What You Learn When Teaching For America

Teach for America, teacher, teaching, students, apples, teacher blessing ring, school,

Teach for America corp member, Martin Byrne, discovers his true potential with the help of 40 Cleveland students.

Without Rain There Can Be No Rainbows

rainbow new zealand

Rural New Zealand, 2003. An excerpt from Ryan Chin’s book about the importance of role models.

I Am a Man

Man. Men.

When someone says those four words—I am a man—what does it mean? You’ll probably agree with Scott Heydt…more than once.

Historical Parenting: The Fathers of Nelson Mandela

nelson mandela, statue, bust, london

Nelson Mandela’s impact will be felt for generations. Claire Thurston shares how Mandela’s two fathers helped to influence the type of man that he would become.

Breaking Dad: Relating to Walter White

breaking, bad, dad, ron, mattocks

The character of Walter White did what he did for the survival of his family. Ron Mattocks wonders what lengths he must go to.

Good Man: Mr .Wright – A Truly Amazing Teacher

Teacher Jeffrey Wright with son, Adam

Student Denaz Taylor calls his teacher, Jeffrey Wright, “…a good man.” JJ Vincent has to agree.

Teaching Kids to Deal With Bullies

bully, bullies, school, zone, kids, sign

Chris Bernholdt tries to teach his kids by example. It sounds like his son has been paying attention.

A Month of Thankfulness: The One Who Taught Me Most

Alex son

Alex Yarde was taught by the best. And he remains eternally grateful.

“Please, Professor,” Give Me a B

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A professor’s funny song from the 1970s anticipates the problem of young men not doing their best in college.

Help, You Need Someone: The Real Secret to Networking


As Ken Goldstein points out, “networking is so bizarrely misunderstood, it boggles my mind.” He explains how to make it work for the long-term. (Hint: if you have to use the words “Hope you are well” in an email, you are already behind.)

Thanks For Reading

Duffer minivan

Whit Honea steps in as new editor of the Dads & Families section as Robert Duffer steps out and reflects on a year of growth.

You Have My Word

bully documentary imbd

After watching the movie Bully, Larry Bernstein vows to do everything he can to help stop bullying. What will you do?

The Boy Who Was Really Good at Kindergarten

The Boy Who Was Really Good at Kindergarten photo by wwworks

Veronica Grace has a son who thinks that “Love is more interesting than Star Trek”. He is a genius about the things that count.

10 Reasons We Still Love Breaking Bad’s Walter White


It’s Breaking Bad’s final half-season. We’re about to catch up with the show’s troubled, troubling hero. Here’s why you still want him to come out on top.

‘Friends’ Producer Teaches Blind Students to Become Filmmakers

kevin bright, friends, producer, perkins school for the blind, film

“Friends” producer Kevin Bright left Hollywood to teach at his alma mater, Emerson college, and in Boston found a new direction in life teaching blind students to create movies.