Why My Boys Don’t Have a Male Teacher

Anna Rosenblum Palmer wonders how to answer her son when he asks, “Why don’t I have any men as teachers?”

The Classroom Behavior Cycle for Boys…Fidget, Discipline, Repeat

Boys are often disciplined more often than girls in the classroom and as a result a cycle of behavior ensues.

The Demandments of Teaching Boys

Desmond Williams shares his “demandments” for teaching boys and invites parents and educators to add to the list.

Touchdowns, Tackles, and Tolstoy: Educating Guys in the Locker Room

For six weeks, football players endured summer conditioning, and a part of that conditioning regimen was intellectual.

I Bought Beer For Teenage Boys

And I would do it again.

How Would You Better Engage Boys in the Classroom?

GMP Editors were asked: “You can be the principal of a school for a week. What’s one thing you would change to better engage boys in the classroom?” Here are their answers. What’s yours?

I’m A Man Who Teaches Like A Catholic Nun

It’s time to get back to the basics, whether we like it or not.

Art, Farming and a Safe Place For Boys to Discover Meaning

Is this a model for serious education reform? Theodore Richards and The Chicago Wisdom Project.

Can We Create an Assertively Considerate Man?

Aaron Voyles shares how boyhood experiences shape the men we become.

Teaching Boys to Respect Girls

How can we teach boys respect if we don’t give them any?

What a Tool: How I’ve Failed My Son

Jon Magidsohn wants to know how important it is for a father to teach his kids to fix stuff.

Masculinity and Disney’s Gender Problem

Cliff Leek examines the problems with Disney’s portrayal of masculinity.

I Hope My Sons Don’t Go To High School…

Teacher takes sober look at what high school offers boys and gives recommendations on how to better engage them

The First Rule of Mentorship: Be Present

If you want to be there for someone, there’s just one thing you have to do.

Engaging the Boy Brain

How do we motivate boys to learn to read and write?

Boys are From Mars, Parents are From Another Solar System

Learn to talk with boys about their feelings in their own language.