What We Have Here is an Epic Parenting Fail

It really is this simple. Prejudice has to be taught; it is not an inherent condition.

Four Powerful Ways Dads Can Create a Culture of Gratitude For Their Kids

The most impactful lessons our kids learn are those they observe in our own attitudes and behaviors. Make it a habit to practice gratitude.

Why My Boys Don’t Have a Male Teacher

Anna Rosenblum Palmer wonders how to answer her son when he asks, “Why don’t I have any men as teachers?”

Do All These Life Hacks Really Serve Our Lives?

To hack or not to hack, that is the question. Is it more noble to learn to through life hacks or through hard work and dedication?

Learning How to Say “NO” to Your Child

B.K. Mullen reflects on the first time he ever had to tell his young daughter “no” and why parents need to learn when and how to use the word “no” with their children.

Being a Dad of No Trades: What Are We Obligated to Teach Our Children?

Mike Julianelle isn’t the kind of dad who can fix a car or build a house, which makes him worry about what he has left to teach his young son

100 Words: Others’ Needs

You know my mom was in a very bad accident recently and they don’t know whether she’ll return home, yesterday they arrested my dad…

Smarts and Storytelling: Einstein’s Surprising Advice on Intelligence.

Einstein said a lot of things, and much of what he has said has been handsomely crafted into tight shareable memes that offer an inspiring boost to our mornings.

Reimagining Mentorship

The building blocks of society are its adult citizens. What kind of society do we want to build?

Temper Tantrum Terrorists

Is your desire to avoid confrontation turning your kids into tantrum terrorists?

How Much Truth, How Soon?

What knowledge do you shield your kids from, and why?