Lessons From The Pool: On Teamwork and Family

water polo

Dr. Joel Wade relates his own water polo team experiences to personal growth and development as a man.

The Dragon Called “Politics” and the Scabbard of Sincerity


Vaughn Granier on how to transform a workplace full of the negative politics into one with positive.

3 Things it Takes to Be a Successful Youth Sports Coach

GMP - 3 things it takes to be a successful youth football coach

For Jackie Bledsoe, Jr., success is coaching youth sports is not about whether you win the game.

7 Things I Now Realize I’ve Learned From Sports

missed tackle - GMP

Justin Ricklefs’ Life Lessons from Sports

Human Trafficking by the Numbers

human traffick

A clear representation of how big the human trafficking problem really is.

Michael Jordan’s Thoughts Illustrated by Penguins, Ants and Crabs

Talent wins games. Teamwork wins championships.

Inspiring and funny little videos show how men can be better by working in groups.

Who Is In Your Rowboat?

Rowing Guys 588

Imagine you have a rowboat with room for about 6 other guys – You need 6 other guys who you can count on. Who is in your rowboat?

I’ve Begun to Understand That Moment With George Bush


Jedah Mayberry was just about to start a sales presentation when he found out a co-worker and team member had died. What do you think you would have done next?

Mo’ Rap for Movember

movember, whit honea, moustache, mustache, men, men's, health, cancer, donations, donate, cause, mickey mouse, coffee, cup

This week be thankful for the men in your life, and help keep them there. Also, a rap about Movember.

Movember: The Bottom Line is the Top Lip

mustache, moustache, movember, honea, boys, kids

Whit Honea is going full mustache this Movember, and he has some pretty awesome teammates.

I Don’t Follow Any Sports

Whats your team photo by DrabikPany

“What’s Your Team?” Most guys have an answer for this question. Pat Brothwell doesn’t.

The Ultimate Sex Game

photo by Marina Araujo

Laurie Watson, on using game theory to solve sexual frequency differences

An Education in Inequality


What Tim Brown has learned from the Penn State scandal about institutional racism.

Redefining Success

Photo by jModus/Flickr

Success comes not from talent or inspiration, but from relationships and good community.

Remembering 12 Anxious Men for Final Four Week

photo by daveynin

JP Pelosi remembers a locker room filled with fear as he was coached to play mistake-free basketball.

No Smoke or Fire

Stern Hunter

We’re conditioned to view the NBA in terms of the players, but we need to look at the labor dispute from a much wider perspective.