4 Tips For Parents Gutsy Enough To Coach Youth Sports


So your kid signed up for a sport … and the team needs some help. Are you really ready?

Why Marriage is Just Like Baseball


The best marriages are built on teamwork. Whether you strike out or hit it out of the park, you’ll have another chance at bat.

Dude, You Want to Run That Creed By Me Again?

creed, oath, pledge, swear, fraternity, boy scouts, Pledge of Allegiance, military creed, Boy Scout Oath, prayer

Saying your creed is one thing. Meaning it is another.

Sports Made a Man Out of Me… Eventually

Keith Ackers reluctant athlete 1982

Scorekeeping and snatching victory from the jaws of defeat: A call for submissions from the new editor of our Sports section.

Love and Losing: A Bonding Story

philly, philadelphia, love

What is more important when picking a favorite sports team: tradition or location? Larry Bernstein shares losing, love, and baseball with his 9-year-old son.

The Male Straitjacket


Mark Radcliffe tears up the myth of male independence.

Are You a Warrior? A Mudder? Neither? Both?


The Warrior Dash and Tough Mudder draw very different types of competitors.

“Watching sports is a good chance to talk to your kids about the dangers of fanaticism.”


This is a comment by Lars Fisher on the post “I Hate Miami: Does Sports Teach Hostility?”

Even the Weak Kids Should Play Sports


Playing sports, Drew Johnson writes, provides valuable lessons for children of every shape and size.