How Nearly Dying Brought Me Close to My Father

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What nearly freezing to death taught me about my Dad.

“Crying is usually associated with sadness…not in heat of battle or…mortally dangerous situation.”

Crying silence

This comment by Mark on the post Men Have Tear Ducts Too

Men Have Tear Ducts Too

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Edie Weinstein encourages men to see crying as an emotional re-set button that bolsters strength and resilience to face challenges.

What My Daughter and Her Sleeping Habits Taught Me About God’s Love


I stood behind the door wanting to fly in with my red cape, but I can’t this time.

Men, You Get To Have Your Feelings, Too


Being more stable and open with our feelings contributes to a better relationship. And a better self.

The Demise of the Far-Right Conservative White Guy


It’s not that bad, guys.

“I get frustrated with the attempts to push men to be ‘more open’ about their feelings.”


This is a comment by Alastair on the Comment of the Day: “Since I wasn’t crying, I felt like my emotions were minimized because I’m a man.”

Real Men Do Cry

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Tears are a sign of strength, Sherri Rosen writes, not weakness.

The Fear of Tears


Rick Belden isn’t scared of the feeling of pain. He’s just scared he’ll actually have to express it.