Technology: A Cannon … That Shoots Cars Instead Of Cannonballs?

You know those air cannons that shoot t-shirts at frothing crowds? Like that … but … bigger …

Computers: Japanese Scientists Increase Wi-Fi Speed By A Factor of 20

Hold on to both sides of your keyboard, because it’s about to get freakin’ real for your connection!

Security: Drive-By Malware Sites Plague Android Phones

There’s another reason you should be careful running around with Google’s open source operating system.

Computers: Mac OS X, Not As Secure As Previously Believed?

The long-held belief that Macs are immune to computer threats were shattered by the Flashback Trojan.

Technology: Here Comes The Flying Car, At Last. FOR REAL!

… it’s a flying car. Really. Do you need to know anything else? Click the freakin’ link!

Music: Nate Dogg Performs At Coachella From Beyond The Grave Via Hologram

Things may have finally gone too far as the good doctor breaks out the tech for posthumous duets.

Gadgets: Google Wants Augmented Reality Glasses, British Developer Already Has Knockoff

Google Goggles had nothing on this, glasses that bring the web to your everyday field of vision.

Futurism: NASA Women Mentor Girls in Science, Math, Tech [@cijithegeek]

NASA hopes girls will stop saying “math is hard.”

Cars: New Lamborghini Concept Car Spearheads A Bold New Direction

There simply is nothing like this on the streets … of this world anyway …

Technology: The Silence – Japanese Invent Speech Killing Gun [@CijiTheGeek]

You talk too much. You never shut up.

Tech: UMD Passport for the Playstation Vita Denied for the US [@akilshohen]

Tweet   Looking forward to transferring your existing physical PSP game collection to the brand new Playstation Vita? Well look forward to pulling out the credit card to purchase those games again.  A Sony has announced that the PSP passport program for transferring PSP UMD purchases to digital files usable by the Playstation Vita won't […]

Respect: You Owe Even Having A Computer (In Part) To Roy L. Clay Sr. [@spodachozn1]

Love your aging Laserjet? There wouldn’t even be a Hewlett-Packard without this guy right here.

Technology: Fish Scale Armor Protects You Like You Were King of Atlantis [@SpoDaChozn1]

Suiting up like one of Namor & Aquaman’s buddies can protect you like nothing else.

Science: New Googles Make Anybody An Expert Surgeon [@SpoDaChozn1]

Strapping on a set of science specs makes almost anybody an expert straight outta Grey’s Anatomy.

Technology: Nortel Was Hacked, Knew It … and Said Nothing … For Years

Ah the secrets we keep … and when you’re a global telecommunications giant with porous security, they can be … big.

Science: NASA Is Giving Away Satellites … Really … Giving Them Away!

Millions of dollars of technology is there for the taking at a price you simply cannot beat.