Goodbye Tricky, Goodbye Pluto


What happens when science and technology crash head-on into one man’s cherished beliefs?

If the Computer Dies Will Our Kids Survive?


Aleasa Word reflects on the high dependence we have on technology and its impact on kids

Is Technology Shifting Our Moral Compass?


Technology is giving us more ways to do more things, but is this always for the better?

How Queerness is a Step on the Road to Transhumanism


Angelus Morningstar discusses how technological change is reconfiguring society to permit queerness, and how queerness might help us better understand these changes.

Are Those Around You Quietly Annoyed with You?

Annoyed Man

A reminder about actions we probably already know are not our best form.

7 Pictures That Prove We’re Living In The Future

The future is now, y’all.

Unautomate: Do it by Hand


Sometimes making things harder isn’t a bad thing. When we must do things ourselves, and it costs us in time and effort, it forces us to consider whether it’s worth doing at all.

The Modern Gentleman Doesn’t Exist … Because Women Won’t Let Him


Why is it then that the idea of the gentleman seems so stuck in time and stifled by an unrealistic and widespread view of how a man should act and the lifestyle he should embody?

Claude Shannon: The Man who Turned Paper into Pixels


He’s the man you never heard of, but should have.

Cutting in Line Is Not OK—Unless You Use ReservationHop

Cutting in Line by Will

Power has its privileges, but apps can level the playing field—unless of course, they’re designed to entitle the entitled.

Why I Put 10 Years on My Back to Play Show & Tell at Microsoft’s YouthSpark Live


I carried the last 10 years of my life in a book bag in order to illustrate to teens and millennials that successful entrepreneurship is about building a culture of achievement, not branding.  — When former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer last year announced Microsoft YouthSpark, a company-wide, global initiative to create opportunities for 300 million youth […]