How Fast is the World Changing? Sheppard’s Now Use Drones to Herd Sheep

sheep herding drone

Welcome to 21st century sheep-herding.

Why We Should Fear the Future


You think life is crazy now? Rick Rosner points out how much more crazy we have to look forward to.

Drawing Will Never Be the Same

Drawing Will Never by Facebook

Post by ‎المعلم‎. – Instead of creating shapes on paper, create them in the air with this 3D drawing pen. ___ Why make a sketch then go through the complicated process of having a model made when you can draw the model instantly? Photo—المعلم/Facebook

A Brief History of Humankind and Artificial Intelligence

artificial_intelligence feature

The distance between science fiction and science fact is closing rapidly.

Virtual Distance: Technology is Rewriting the Rulebook for Human Interaction

kids and technology

As digital connectivity increases, personal connectedness can lose out. What is that doing to children?

Why Don’t We Read?


It took two hundred thousand years for man to develop the written word, another five thousand years to mass-produce it, and one generation to forget it.

Sex, Porn and the Digital Revolution

mannequin photo by eliazar

Internet technology has changed what we know about our sexual selves. Limpet Girl tells us how search engine data collection reveals us all to be a little bit kinky.