What My Teen Pregnancy Taught Me About Not Giving Up

Married as a teen, this woman learned how to not give up on her dreams despite getting pregnant and dropping out of high school. — Twenty-two years ago, I was 17 and pregnant. I found an alternative high school program for pregnant teens. I had just informed my boss (a Chinese pediatrician) that I would be resigning […]

Wednesday Writer Tweets of the Day

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Do Boys Deserve Credit for the Declining Teen Birth Rate?

The reason that teen pregnancy rates have plunged in the last few years is because boys are behaving more responsibly.

Sex Education, Please

The worst case scenario of a poor sex education is not an unhealthy sexual identity. It’s the unplanned birth of a child.

Pregnant Boys: Chicago’s Teen Pregnancy Campaign Sparks Conversation

Chicago is shocking the world with its 2013 teen pregnancy prevention campaign, which features pregnant teenage boys.

Is Chicago’s “Pregnant Men” Campaign to Reduce Teen Pregnancy Offensive?

S.E. Smith investigates the real messages in Chicago’s new teen pregnancy ad.

Life Is a Lesson, Not a Test

Here’s to the girl who made me the man I am today.

A Mission to the Venice of the Amazon

Welcome to Belen, where the poorest of the poor float for half the year on the floodplains of the Amazon.

Teen Parenthood: Our Reality

Mainstream media representations of teen parenthood are sensationalized, stigmatized, and almost always female. Our Reality is different.

A Different Angle on Teen Pregnancy: The Father’s

What an interesting and important concept: A play about teen pregnancy from the angle of the father.

Do Teenage Boys Want Love Not Sex?

New data on sexuality indicates boys are putting off sex and are much more interested in intimacy than we seem to give them credit for.

Male Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health

Trigger warning for brief mentions of rape and abuse. I recently came across (possibly via Scarleteen) this awesome report about male adolescent sexual health within the primary care setting. According to the study, male sexual health is quite often overlooked within the clinical setting. Pediatricians are three times more likely to take sexual histories from female […]

Dance With Your Daughter, but Not for Purity

Some Christian communities say father-daughter purity balls are about much more than abstinence pledges—they’re an opportunity to talk openly about sex. Is that really the case?

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