If I Had Sons, This Is What I Would Tell Them About Sex.

Whether they’re boys or girls, we don’t need to protect our kids as they become sexually active; we need to prepare them.

Role Reversal: Short Film Flips Sexuality On Its Head

“What if you were the minority? Would it matter then?”

Bodies in Motion: My First Date

Jason Kapcala was always moving at full speed, so the first time he put on the brakes was a disorienting experience.

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How We Can Improve Sex Ed for Boys

Justin Cascio talks to Elizabeth Schroeder, executive director of Answer, about why boys are tuning out in sex ed classes, and what they want to know most (but aren’t telling us).

How Social Messages Can Make a Man a Bad Lover

What you believe may keep you from greater intimacy and satisfaction.

Life Is a Lesson, Not a Test

Here’s to the girl who made me the man I am today.

Why I Don’t Hate on Justin Bieber

Why do we harshly judge a teenage boy for not being man enough?