Why Teenagers Are Scary As Hell: A Dad Looking Forward

  I don’t have teenagers yet, but I’m going to be the dad of two in the next few years, I’m scared. Please help! — Yesterday I wrote about how scary babies are. I stand by that, but the more I got to thinking about it the more I realized it’s not the babies we […]

Comment of the Day: “My teenage sons get a lot more peer reinforcement for coming up with a witty, stinging insult than for giving someone a big hug.”

This comment was by Christine Walker on the post “I Don’t Know What It Feels Like to Be a Man, So Show Me”.

When Families Move, High School Students May Suffer

Regardless of the circumstances, a move during adolescence can have negative effects on how teens perform in school.

My Daughter’s Tragic Journey; My Heartbreak and Guilt

A child is moved from an abusive home to a stable and loving one, only to be taken back again. Unfortunately, this happens all too often.

Understanding Your Place of Influence in Your Child’s Life

Mike Berry looks at what you can do when you’re no longer the number one voice your child listens to.

What Today’s Kids Are Asking LGBTQ People

You have the chance to ask anything. What would you say?

Raising a Troubled Teen? Stop Helicoptering

It’s important to recognize how being a helicopter parent can backfire. Instead, learn how to protect your rebellious teen.

Why I’m Giving Your Teenagers Condoms

A few years ago, I discovered that I can beg my kids to learn about something forever, but the most effective method is to simply leave whatever I want them to read laying around.

I’m Not the Only One

Everyone has a story. POPS (Pain of the Prison System) is my story.

I Want Students Curious, Not ‘In Compliance’

Dr. Kwame Brown can see the value in learning to cooperate in learning, But he also believes in the value of challenge and noncompliance

A Relationship Coach Seeks Advice: A Father’s Hardest Day

Relationship coach Chris Armstrong needs your help.

Please Don’t Threaten My Son For Dating Your Daughter

Enough with the tired gender norms we impose on our teenagers when they begin dating.

The Imperfect Parent’s Guide to Teenage Freedom

If you have a teenager, if you are a teenager or if know a teenager, you need to read this Declaration of Teenage Independence.

How to Fill an Empty Heart Back Up After You’ve Failed

Mike Berry shares a tough parenting moment and the heartbreaking lesson he learned from it.

A Dad’s Top Ten Tips For Teens

Jeremy Barnes offers tips for teens (and their parents) to help make the sometimes bumpy years a smoother ride for everyone.