16 Things That are Awesome about Having a 16-Year-Old

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6 Ways That Having Teenagers Will Make You More Spiritual

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Sometimes I Want to Run Away From My Teenagers

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Raising Better Men Starts With How Boys Treat Girls

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Life and Times Series – Recap

Father Time presents:

“Life & Times – Fathers and Their Views about Time”

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Are You Making Some Important Listening Mistakes with your Teen?

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The Art of Coming Out on YouTube

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The Life of a Foster Parent

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How My Son’s Act of Defiance Taught Me Even Good Men Get Tattoos

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6 Messages I Wish I’d Heard as a Teen

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The Whole World in Your Hands: A Message of Youth and Power

What does it take to mold the future? Bill and Melinda Gates believe teenagers hold more than just the key.

Along for the Ride

CJ Kaplan’s relationship with his daughter takes an unforeseen turn when she gets behind the wheel for the first time.

Why Teenagers Are Scary As Hell: A Dad Looking Forward

  I don’t have teenagers yet, but I’m going to be the dad of two in the next few years, I’m scared. Please help! — Yesterday I wrote about how scary babies are. I stand by that, but the more I got to thinking about it the more I realized it’s not the babies we […]

Comment of the Day: “My teenage sons get a lot more peer reinforcement for coming up with a witty, stinging insult than for giving someone a big hug.”

This comment was by Christine Walker on the post “I Don’t Know What It Feels Like to Be a Man, So Show Me”.

When Families Move, High School Students May Suffer

Regardless of the circumstances, a move during adolescence can have negative effects on how teens perform in school.

My Daughter’s Tragic Journey; My Heartbreak and Guilt

A child is moved from an abusive home to a stable and loving one, only to be taken back again. Unfortunately, this happens all too often.