Mandatory Sex Education is Long Overdue – But It Shouldn’t be Just About Risk Prevention

There is a need to move from positioning sex education as a tool to reduce short-term risks to a vehicle for promoting equitable, pleasurable and affirming relationships throughout life.

Dear Dad: Am I a Helicopter Mom?

A Mom writes in with a major issue all parents will one day face.

What Does Your Boy’s Room Look Like?

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Why You Need to Experience a Group Hug

In the heart of a group hug, powers of the universe living inside every one us, unlock to heal untold hurts.

Straight Christian Dads, It is Time to Come Out of the Closet

Pastor John Pavlovitz is calling on straight dads to step forward from the shadows and ask the hard questions. It may be time to challenge some of the outdated thinking in our churches.

A Father-Daughter Story

Vic Sizemore realizes his daughter is about to be a teenager, and sees how much their lives are changing.

My Somewhat Unexpected First Crush

Ben Tanzer lets it all hang out when discussing the gritty underside of his first true love.

Bullied To Death: 12-Year-Old Male Cheerleader Commits Suicide

A middle schooler takes his life after being bullied and taunted at school, leaving a community to ask itself: “Why?”.

Dear Parents: Your Teenager Needs To Learn About Depression—Before It’s Too Late

Danny Baker on why talking to your teen about depression could be the difference between life and death.

Let’s Talk About Sext, Baby

Lisa Duggan says we should stop shaming our kids for their sexual urges and start acknowledging adolescent sexual desire and encouraging its healthy expression.

Teen Fathers: A Typical Day

Dr. Andrew Irwin-Smiler looks at a day in the life of a teen father: confusion, sadness, and love.

How to Ask Your Crush Out on a Date

The hardest part of approaching someone you like is … the anticipation of it. What have you got to lose?

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Adam Gilad talked to his teenage son about condoms, consent, and his sex life. Much to his surprise, his son heard him.

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5 Quick Tips on Getting to Know Your Teen Better

5 Tips to Help You Not Bury Your Head in the Sand During The Teen Years

Does It Hurt When You Dream?

Childhood used to be a time of dreaming big. So why have so many teens lost their connection to that thing that really lights them up?