Thoughts on the Necessity of Re-Marriage for the Sake of the Children

contemplating divorce

When you’re divorced, is re-marriage necessary to teach your children about healthy relationships?



“When my mom calls to tell me that my father has been hospitalized, it doesn’t take me long to decide to use the information to hit on a girl.” Weekend Fiction by Patrick Hueller

Boys Save Kidnap Victim In Dramatic Rescue


Two Texas youths provide an object lesson in how to help out in a crisis.

I, Millennial

I, Millennial Picture

Tired of the ‘adults’ who hate on Millennials? Here’s a response.

Stargazing with Kristen


Carmelo Vallone reflects on losing his first love to homicide and why he can’t talk about the Trayvon Martin verdict.

Dads at a One Direction Concert [Photos]

Dads at a One Direction concert

Your 13-year-old daughter wanted to see a band she believes is greater than The Rolling Stones will ever be, a band known as One Direction. So here you are.

Death Metal: More than Growling About Satan

Carcass' Jeff Walker

In the second installment of genre primers, death metal makes the case for healthy aggression.

Boys, A Remembrance

The Magical Boyfriend Fairy

Sara SM is an eleventh grade student who always believed that a “Magical Boyfriend Fairy” would come along some day and bring her a boyfriend. She’s about to grow up very fast.

Autism and Teenage Angst

nothing but net photo by ryanvanetten

Teen years bring enough turmoil. Imagine also being severely autistic.

Three Rules for Parenting the Adult Teen


Respect and temperance are key in maintaining a good relationship with your adult teenaged child

Special is a Bitter Taste


Being a teenager sucks, but when I treated relationships like they were disposable, I didn’t know I was hurting other people too.

Dear John: Is The Problem the Nude Neighbor? Or the Nosy Ones?


A sunbathing nude neighbor, a friend snooping through pictures, and a daughter meeting her mother’s new boyfriend.

There Is No Advice That Doesn’t Suck


Sean Beaudoin has only one real piece of advice: You’re the one who is responsible for making your own life interesting.

The Problem with Dominance, Submission, and Public Shaming in Airport Security Lines

airport security line

The TSA demands a certain level of compliance for security reasons, but what happens when they abuse their authority?

Dads Need to be Involved in Teens’ Internet Usage (And Then Get Out of the Way)

photo by gabrielap93

Rob Zidar believes in teaching his sons to act responsibly, rather that attempting, perhaps in vain, to prevent them from acting irresponsibly.

Teens Take Care of Each Other During Cancer Treatments

Tony Colton, Ashley Krueger, cancer, chemo, teenagers, kids with cancer, fundraiser, give forward,

Two teenagers make very adult decisions to take care of not only each other but each other’s families as well.