Boys Gym


Small towns can hide secrets, as they do in Scott Hightower’s poem.

Coming Out in the 1950’s [Video]

coming out 50s photo

Three teenagers interviewed three gay elders about their lives, and got a look at how much has changed.

My Daughter Contracted Instagram, And Boy Is It Contagious

selfie photo by sarah.vanquickelberge

William Lucas Walker finds a way to immunize his daughter against the virus’s negative effects.

High Schoolers’ Promposals Are Nauseatingly Adorable

prom proposal

There’s a new trend flooding teenage Instagram feeds all over the internet—they’re called “promposals” and they’re something to behold.

Help Support Real Sex Education


The internet’s best sex information resource for teenagers needs your help.

A Dad’s Guide on How To Stay Engaged With Your Teenager

Dad 1, Teenager 0

They pretend they don’t want you there. Here are some ways to be there for them anyway.

A Dad’s Guide: How To Keep Your Teenaged Daughter Coming To You For Advice

dad teen photo by emeryjl

The teenage years don’t need to be a time of isolation and turmoil. It just takes adjusting to a different needs.

How Denying Teenage Sexuality Feeds Rape Culture


The more we pretend that teenagers aren’t horny, the more dangerous it is.

Why Doesn’t Batman Ever Smile? Part 2


Part two of Rosalind Wiseman’s groundbreaking new book on the world of teenage boys.

The Myth of the Able-Bodied Man as Man

photo by abri beluga

There are already many boys who view the coveted prize of masculinity as out of reach. No where is that more apparent than in the case of those with physical, developmental and mental disabilities. Tommy Raskin discusses ways to fix that.

R Kelly, Chris Brown and the Sexual Politics of Never-Never Land

chris brown r kelly

Aya de Leon examines how children create stories to get themselves through brutal times. And some children never grow up.

Please Stop Asking if My Students are Hot

class room-Leo-setä-flickr

Pat Brothwell on why this question bugs him so much.

Report Urges Ban on Detaining Youth Status Offenders


They’re known as status offenders – youths who commit offenses that wouldn’t even be considered offenses but for their age: truancy, running away from home, curfew violations, alcohol or tobacco possession.

11 Things Your Teen Won’t Regret in 11 Years

soccer in the rain

Adults are constantly warning teens about what they’ll regret. Here, 11 things they probably won’t.

Good Man: Mr .Wright – A Truly Amazing Teacher

Teacher Jeffrey Wright with son, Adam

Student Denaz Taylor calls his teacher, Jeffrey Wright, “…a good man.” JJ Vincent has to agree.

What Does Shooting Wolves Have To Do With Rivers?

wolf photo by Todd ryburn

A Wisconsin teacher uses an essay about wolves to teach her students about empathy, environmentalism, and looking at all sides of a complex issue.