5 Instagram Dangers Every Dad With a Daughter Needs to Know


Tor Constantino shares parental precautions for the #1 photo-sharing site among kids.

Perfection In Parenting: A Good Dad Will Fail


You can’t be a parent and not fail. Admitting those mistakes doesn’t make you a failure. It makes you human.

14 Rules for Understanding Teenagers and Cats


Trying to understand his son, Sean Swaby discovered that teenagers are just like cats.

Extreme Camping Challenges


Camping isn’t just s’mores and fishing. Rich Monetti talks with Outward Bound about teens and teamwork in nature.

What We All Need to Remember About Public Shaming and Parenting the Suicidal Teen


In the wake of the suicide of Izzie Laxamana, Tracy S. Bennett, Ph.D shares what we need to remember about fear, discipline, and cyber bullying.

“New” Pot and Why It’s Dangerous for Teens


Is your child smoking pot? I hope not, but parents are the last to know.

5 Things Not To Tell A Teenager

5 Things to Never Tell a Teenager

Keep these things in mind as you seek to impact these young lives and help them dream about a better tomorrow.

How to Break Up With Someone; Helping Teens Deal With Emotions

a couple

Post Valentine’s Day, Teens Still Need to Learn About Love & Resiliency

How Gender Roles Shape the Modern Teenager


With the evolution of gender rolls in our society, how are the teen-aged youth handling the change?

Vamping: The New Teenage Pastime


Think your Teen is sleeping? Think again.

7 Important Reasons to Eat Dinner as a Family

family dinner

Eating dinner as a family may seem more difficult than it’s worth, but there is good reason to make it a habit sooner rather than later.

Let’s Talk About Sex: Teaching Teens to Negotiate Sexual Intimacy

young love

If we acknowledge that sex can be a positive experience, we are better able to portray sex and intimate relationships as something worth waiting for.

A 13-Year-Old Came Out to His Best Friend. Best Response Ever.


This conversation has gone viral. It’s the kind of response every person who’s scared to come out wishes for.

Teen Fathers: Trying and Barely Hanging On

teen father

Dr. Andrew Irvin Smiler continues to unpack the lives of teenage dads, identifying the struggles, the emotions, and feeling locked out of your own life.

A Teen’s Plea: Stop Ignoring Boys’ Self-Harming Behaviors

a cutter

A young man’s cry for help for boys who self-harm.

How to Ask Your Crush Out on a Date

How to Ask Your Crush by Wellcast

The hardest part of approaching someone you like is … the anticipation of it. What have you got to lose?