A Final Farewell to Stephen Colbert and Craig Ferguson

James Halcomb says good-bye to two staples of his television viewing. The Late Late Show has said farewell to Craig Ferguson and Stephen Colbert has left Comedy Central.

Leaning In: Why Liz Lemon and Liv Benson are the Same Person, and What Men Can Learn From Them

As someone who strives to balance his personal and professional obligations, N.C. Harrison finds himself identifying with the protagonists of 30 Rock and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.

‘The Walking Dead’s’ Daryl Dixon is a Good Man Among Zombies

Brandy Pettigrew’s whole family watches AMC’s zombiefest. Why? For the good men, of course.

FX Behind The Scene Clips for The Strain

    New to FX’s The Strain? Alex Yarde’s behind-the-scenes content will bring you up to speed! How do I describe FX’s The Strain to the uninitiated? Imagine if you will The Walking Dead and Salem’s Lot somehow having a secret worm-infected love child and it’s left on The Crazies door step by Michael Crichton. […]

Two Reasons Why Parents Should Be Excited to Watch Phineas and Ferb with Their Kids

Not all kids’ shows are created equal, but this Disney Channel cartoon is one of the best and has two big reasons why grown-ups should be excited about its upcoming episodes.

Stritch, One Man’s Memory of Elaine

William Lucas Walker remembers that voice. That delivery. That timing. And the woman who would not be ignored. A tribute to Elaine Stritch.

Thin Is In: The Real Problem with Adam Richman’s Rant

Dillan DiGiovanni thinks more people should focus on being healthy vs being thin

FX’s Border Town Crime Epic ‘The Bridge’: Season 2 July 9th

Season 2 of FX Network’s slow burn crime thriller is not to be missed.

How (and Why) to Have a TV-Free Summer

Want to spend less time in front of the tube this summer? Kate Bartolotta shares 4 big reasons to do just that.

Ode to Lindsay Wagner as “The Bionic Woman”

Guillermo Filice Castro draws a surprising parallel between an iconic television character and domestic discontent.

‘Crossbones’ Promises a Summer Full of Pirate Guy Fun

You have a better Friday night date than John Malkovich as the dreaded Blackbeard? Yeah, didn’t think so.

Cosby, USA

Patrick Howell looks at The Cosby Show and how, 30 years later, visions preceded reality.

I Cried at Cam’s and Mitch’s Wedding (and I Wasn’t Even There)

ABC’s ‘Modern Family’ was nice enough to invite us to the wedding of the season. Brandy Pettigrew was thrilled to finally see it happen.

Showtime’s ‘Penny Dreadful’ One For Your Appointment Television List

Brandy Pettigrew likes what she sees and she thinks you will, too.

Strong Men Wear Dresses

A guy who put on a dress as a grad school assignment reflects on the power of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

How Can You Protect Your Children from Commercials?

Dr. Deborah Gilboa suggests strategies for how parents can talk to their kids about the unrealistic and often inappropriate messages that can be found in modern commercials.