A Life-Lesson from Roger Federer


Vaughn Granier is on the road, missing his kids. And he gets inspired by the words of a tennis champion.

Serena Williams to Luciana Berger, Racism not Tolerated

Williams Sisters

From public officials making offensive comments about private citizens, to private citizens making the same about public officials, bigotry and racism will not be tolerated.

Novak Djokovic Just Made This Ball Boy’s Day at the French Open


He’s a beast on the court, unrelenting in his drive to win, but tennis champ Novak Djokovic showed the world his softer side during his opening round match at the French Open.

Arthur Ashe: On Greatness

Arthur Ashe Sletch

Legendary tennis great, Arthur Ashe, on the joy of pushing yourself to the limits.

On the Cusp of Tennis Manhood


David Packman sat down with up and coming Aussie teenager Brad Mousley at Melbourne Park during the Australian Open and talked to him about what it means to stand on the precipice of a professional tennis career.

Playing for Your Life

ross hutchins-AP-Arun Sankar K.

Following a year away from professional tennis overcoming Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, David Packman talks to Ross Hutchins about his experience and gets far more than a tennis lesson.

Tennis Legend Andre Agassi Opens Up [Sponsored]

open up andre agassi

Check out this amazing new video featuring a rare glimpse inside the mind and heart of tennis superstar Andre Agassi, who introduces us to his trainer and brother, two people who inspire him greatly in his craft and life.

One Shot Away from Combustion: A Family of Angry Men

photo by olliethebastard

David Stanley sees four generations of angry men in his family. Will they be able to control their tempers, or will the tempers control them?

First Crush

suicide, first love, heartbreak

When Andy Bodle’s first feelings of love were not returned in kind, he succumbed to desperation.

Love All: Words of Appreciation for the Pro Athlete and the Amateur Fan


Do you require experience playing the game to truly appreciate it?

Learning to Love Tennis As Religious Experience


When the greatest writer of his generation wrote about the greatest tennis player in history.

Romance Is Not Dead


Two philosophy students go sailing and end up making music (and love).

An Open Letter to Serena Williams


Bo Guthrie thinks that tennis star Serena Williams should learn how to share.

Roger Federer: Sport as Art

Screen Shot 2012-07-16 at 12.01.32 PM

Liam Day explores how the art of sport is represented through some of the greatest athletes alive, most prominently in Wimbledon champion Roger Federer.

For the Love of Serena, Will Someone Phuleeze Get Me Pregnant?!

photo by nateone

If men were to bear children, we would survive the process. Why? How? For the same reason women do: we’d have to. One does what one must when one desires something enough, like children for instance. Or medical school; or becoming a pole vaulter.

The epiphany

It actually doesn’t matter what the reason for pulling away is because it’s not cool. I’m her dad and I’m the one responsible for raising her and for making sure she knows what healthy relationships look like. At dinner on Sunday night I brought it up and apologized to her.