The Benghazi Scandal That Never Was


It turns out that all the talk about Benghazi over the last two years was a giant waste of time, there just never was a cover up.

Ferguson: A Slice of the World and the World Itself

racism kills

Kenneth Patricio sees #Ferguson as a microcosm of the struggles of a larger world.

Why Won’t Major Media Report on Muslims Combatting Terrorism?


The terrible truth of the media: war sells, peace doesn’t.

The Fear Mongers


Dwight Gray brings home the ISIS beheading of journalist James Foley, and does so in a way that challenges cliche and oversimplification.

Canada Loses Its Innocence

Sean Kilpatrick/AP

The attack on the Canadian Parliament, the symbol of democracy and the heart of our nation, was a shock to the Canadian psyche, explains Tim O’Connor.

Republicans Roll Out The Fear Argument


The GOP’s strategy this election is to try and terrify voters into voting for them.

The Fight Against Islamic State is a Battle for Young Minds


Radicalisation is a psychological process that exploits people looking for answers.

Dear Rick Perry: Stop Convincing People Terrorists are Crossing the Border in Mass Numbers

rick perry

Immigrants in the United States are already stigmatized enough, they do not need to be linked to the issue of terrorism.

ISIS. The next big US Middle East War?

ISIS kills

Should America lead the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria and can we live with the consequences if we don’t?

#TalkAboutOurBoys – Why the Murder of 59 Schoolboys Should Matter To You


Boko Haram’s kidnapping of 276 Nigerian girls should wake us up, but why didn’t their massacre of 59 young boys back in February?

A Kinder, Modernized Second Amendment


Are threats and intimidation the M.O. of gun rights activists? Chris Hicke delves into one of the more divisive topics facing our nation today.

Just Because You Are Labeled a Terrorist Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Be Right.

Terrorist Right by ssoosay/Flickr

Alex Dick-Godfrey finds that al Shabaab might have a valid point about occupying forces in Somalia.

The LAX Shooter is a Terrorist

LAX shooter and aftermath

Arsalan Iftikhar wonders what the news coverage of the LAX shooting would’ve looked like if the shooter had a non-Western name.

What Changes Everything — an Excerpt


“Political discord in this land had always been marked by blood and pain. The stories were unending, shocking the first time, sad but predictable after that.” By Masha Hamilton

Gay Couple Boston Strong Even During 9/11

boston strong, boston marathon, 9/11, terrorism, gay marriage

During two separate terrorist attacks over a decade apart, this gay couple was photographed in the midst of it all, serving their country and saving lives.

Day 128 of Guantanamo Bay Hunger Strike: Doctors Urged Not to Force-Feed Prisoners

Joint Medical Group

The months-long hunger strike is taking a devastating toll on prisoners, but an article in the New England Journal of Medicine insists that force-feeding them is assault.