The Terrorism of Depriving Self-Definition

When people kill themselves because of the way someone makes them feel, they are being terrorized.

I See Humans, But No Humanity

How can you fight something that you don’t understand or recognize?

It’s Never Been About U.S.

The United States of America is a version of The Walking Dead. We are walking around like zombies.

Radical Christian Terrorists

If we identify Islamic terrorists by their religion, why not Christian terrorists?

10 Reasons No One Really Believes in the Song ‘Imagine’

You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not.

A First Response to Brussels

Terrorists hit Brussels this morning, with 26 reported dead. Another senseless tragedy, another sober confrontation with this: what do we do?

21 Thoughts on the Stereotype that All Brown People Are Terrorists

My mother is black. My father, Iranian. As an American, this means I am born under two bad signs.

Apple vs. the FBI: Is Your Privacy Really Worth It?

Should we really be concerned about the privacy of your selfies when national security is at risk?

One Thing Every Candidate is Missing When Discussing National Security

“If we don’t address this vital ingredient in a national security strategy, our ruthless, many-headed terrorist enemies will find our country to be easy prey.”

Five New Year’s Resolutions For The Political Media

Here’s how the political media can do better in 2016.

Love Over Fear In Times of War, Violence and Terrorism

Chris and Jon discuss how men can replace their fear with love, which is especially important in a time when the news is filled with stories of war, violence, and terrorism.

Six Things Americans Should Know About Mass Shootings

Let’s set the fear aside and have an honest discussion about the facts.

Why Angry White Men are so Angry

Instead of ignoring the anger, put it to a positive use.

Yes, Let’s have a Frank and Open Discussion About the Causes of Extremism and Terrorism

Everyone is sad and frustrated. So why aren’t we talking about it?

A Dad’s Message to a Father Who Taught His Son to Hate

Matt Sweetwood knows how to raise kids. He has raised five by himself. He has some choice words for one father who raised his to hate, and for all the lives that were ruined as a result.

Call for Submissions: We’re a Whole Lot More Than Just a Media Company

Some people have lost hope that the world can be changed for the better. We are not those people.