One Thing Every Candidate is Missing When Discussing National Security

“If we don’t address this vital ingredient in a national security strategy, our ruthless, many-headed terrorist enemies will find our country to be easy prey.”

Five New Year’s Resolutions For The Political Media

Here’s how the political media can do better in 2016.

Love Over Fear In Times of War, Violence and Terrorism

Chris and Jon discuss how men can replace their fear with love, which is especially important in a time when the news is filled with stories of war, violence, and terrorism.

Six Things Americans Should Know About Mass Shootings

Let’s set the fear aside and have an honest discussion about the facts.

Why Angry White Men are so Angry

Instead of ignoring the anger, put it to a positive use.

Yes, Let’s have a Frank and Open Discussion About the Causes of Extremism and Terrorism

Everyone is sad and frustrated. So why aren’t we talking about it?

A Dad’s Message to a Father Who Taught His Son to Hate

Matt Sweetwood knows how to raise kids. He has raised five by himself. He has some choice words for one father who raised his to hate, and for all the lives that were ruined as a result.

Call for Submissions: We’re a Whole Lot More Than Just a Media Company

Some people have lost hope that the world can be changed for the better. We are not those people.

How Do Good Men and Good Women Respond to the Latest Violent Killings?

How should we respond? Although it’s hard to accept, the answer is with compassion.

A Dad Seeks Out a Teachable Moment on Gun Violence for His Teen Daughter

Rick Sanchez exposes world events to his kids and digs for the concept to learn from them. On the events in San Bernardino, his pragmatic nature kicked in. The lesson? Don’t fear. Here are his thoughts.

How Politics as Usual, Enables the Mass Killings

Matt Sweetwood won a major gun rights case in front of the US Supreme Court. He continues to fight for a sensible solution to gun violence, a solution that neither extremes on the issue want to embrace. Here are his thoughts about this week’s events.

How Do I Tell My Kids the Terrorists are Winning?

DiaryDad is concerned about how loud the message of fear is. — In 2001 when the Twin Towers fell my kids were just a hope I had.  They were a part of a bright dream I had for tomorrow. They were what I believed would be my chance to put the best of me into […]

Does “Fighting Fire with Fire” Work with Toxic Masculinity?

Toxic masculinity can lead to acts of violence, but can more toxic masculinity stop it? Jonathan Delavan implores readers to reconsider this logic.

This Thanksgiving, We Need to Welcome as We Were Welcomed

On the anniversary of the day we took so much from the indigenous peoples, let us remember we are all human beings. Being truly grateful to be alive means caring for one another even when it is inconvenient.

White Terrorism and #BlackLivesMatter

When the protection of the law bends and skirts the justice system, is this the goal of White terrorism?

Knock Knock. Who Is it? Freedom

It can be hard, but the best thing we can do in the face of terrorism is stand strong and continue to enjoy our life and freedoms.