Being a Young Muslim Man in the Early 21st Century

A PhD student discusses what it’s like being a young Muslim man in today’s world. — “I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better” Abraham Lincoln Like everyone else I was horrified by the recent shootings in Orlando which killed 49 people… perhaps more so because I am a Muslim. Islam teaches […]

Orlando: Tell the Story Right

No matter how politicians and pundits spin things, Pulse was a gay bar on Latin night.

Recovery, Brexit and Finding Yourself

Recovery is not about how much you know, it is about finding yourself again.

Is Tackling Discrimination a Hard or a Soft Art?

A “one size fits all” approach can never be sufficient

Philadelphia Mayor Among Attendees at Orlando Shooting Vigil

At a vigil for the victims of the Orlando mass shooting, the Mayor of Philadelphia looked profoundly sad while the City Council President appeared exasperated.

The Question America Doesn’t Ask Itself After Tragedies Like Orlando

What’s our message?: After the Orlando shooting, America must define and distribute widely its message in order to combat self-radicalization.

50 More….Is Our Inaction to Blame?

The shooting attack at the LGBT club in Orlando Florida leaves 50 humans dead and another 53 injured. Is our inaction to blame? Can we use this as an urgent need to move forward to concrete solutions?

Foreign Affairs

Sex and terrorism inform a trilogy of novels two decades in the making.

The Terrorism of Depriving Self-Definition

When people kill themselves because of the way someone makes them feel, they are being terrorized.

I See Humans, But No Humanity

How can you fight something that you don’t understand or recognize?

It’s Never Been About U.S.

The United States of America is a version of The Walking Dead. We are walking around like zombies.

Radical Christian Terrorists

If we identify Islamic terrorists by their religion, why not Christian terrorists?

10 Reasons No One Really Believes in the Song ‘Imagine’

You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not.

A First Response to Brussels

Terrorists hit Brussels this morning, with 26 reported dead. Another senseless tragedy, another sober confrontation with this: what do we do?

21 Thoughts on the Stereotype that All Brown People Are Terrorists

My mother is black. My father, Iranian. As an American, this means I am born under two bad signs.

Apple vs. the FBI: Is Your Privacy Really Worth It?

Should we really be concerned about the privacy of your selfies when national security is at risk?