A Kick That Delivers

A kick in the nuts delivers by by trendscout::/Flickr

Do guys feel empathy? Of course they do. Here’s a video to prove it.

Talking to Your Kids About Nuts


One father’s conversation with his daughter about genitalia is educational for both.

The Vasectomy: A Conversation with My “Boys”


After the latest addition to his family, Christian Piatt decided it was time to retire “the fellas” and get a vasectomy.

Men Have Multiple Brains


Gint Aras makes a curious discovery while eating nuts.

Snip Decision: Why I Had a Vasectomy

Screen shot 2012-11-29 at 2.36.52 PM

Jim Gray on the nitty-gritty details of his vasectomy, his experience of fatherhood, and how they go together.

“When you think about it, it does seem a little odd to associate testicles with courage.”


This is a comment by wellokaythen on the post “Are Husbands Really Assholes? Or Do Their Wives Just Think They Are?”

“Your sexual activity does not make you a man. Things like compassion, honor, and honesty do.”


Æther talks about how to start having the kind of sex you want while attracting the kind of partners you want.

Of Testicles, Twizzlers, and Cans of Worms: The Story of My Varicocele


Lewis Lee’s scrotum has a varicocele, which people often describe as a “bag of worms.” He wishes they’d stop that.

“If a man destroyed a woman’s genitals and killed her as a result there would be no jokes made about her.”


This is a comment by Jimmy on the post “Cup Check: Woman Crushes Man’s Testicles Resulting in Death”.

Cup Check: Woman Crushes Man’s Testicles Resulting in Death

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Jamie Reidy comments on a woman’s killing a man by crushing his balls with her hand.

The Balls Don’t Make the Man

Photo by ingridtaylar

I read ‘The End of Men,’ re-read it, watched the debates, and now watch as it turns into a book. It provoked reflection on what makes me a man, and inevitably, I had to break it down to fundamentals.

10 Secrets to Satisfying Sex

10 secrets

Whether single or coupled, or whatever your relationship path is, these tips will almost guarantee more satisfaction in your sex life.

The Conversation: Opening Day, Red Sox–Yankees, and Baseball as Life

Opening Day

In honor of Opening Day, two rival baseball fans preview the upcoming season and talk about what the sport means to them.

The 10 at 10

Anthony Robles

Anthony Robles is awesome, a sumo wrestler runs a marathon, and Burger King doesn’t want to be weird.

Roasted Nuts Aren’t Just for the Holidays

via http://www.creativedeconstruction.com/2009/07/the-hidden-risks-of-real-time-buzz/

Researchers have found that just 10 minutes with a laptop on your lap brings the temperature of your testicles “above what we consider safe.”

Protecting Your Balls


Take it from Evan Jacobs: wear compression shorts. You don’t want to go where he’s been.