Talking to Your Son About Testicular Cancer

While any boy or man can develop testicular cancer, there are risk factors that make this disease more likely.

Instead of Being Neutered, I Decided to Live With Cancer, and it’s F*cking Scary

Luckily, all my blood work and scans have come back clear. The last sonogram of my testicles has shown no new tumor growth, so I can relax for a few months…until the next round of testing.

Remember, Remember the Power of Movember

Where mustaches grown during Movember have the power to be both inspiring and humorous, it is important to remember there is nothing comical about men’s health issues.

Mid-Movember Update: Do You Know Where Your Donations Are?

Whit Honea shows his sons how to save a life—with facial hair.

[Sponsored Video] No Longer Standing Silently

“Cancer brought out the best in us.” John Taylor talks about his recent battle with cancer and how The American Cancer society helps us all.

Having an Awkward Conversation Could Save Your Son’s Life

Testicular Cancer is the #1 cancer in boys and young men ages 15-35 years old. Here’s a great resource for talking to your son about self-checks.

Staring Down the Barrel

Until his first round chemotherapy is done, John Taylor feels like he’s staring down the barrel of a gun… There will be no celebration until the follow-up scans show success. Click or boom.

Guys: Check Your Balls

Are testicular exams women’s work?

Lost: One Testicle

Instead of looking for sympathy, Joe Weinberg had an unlikely reaction: He wished the cancer had been worse.

My Teste Is Getting an Ultrasound

I’m headed to a urologist to get an ultrasound on my left nut.

Study of the Day: Tall Men Have a Higher Risk of Testicular Cancer

Your small stature might be a blessing in disguise.