Orlando: The Last Mass Terror Attack? Don’t Bet On It

As many men and women struggle to deal with what happened on Sunday morning, our collective responses—not reactions—deserve closer examination.

Donald Trump: The Media’s Golden Goose

Everything that Mr. Trump is and isn’t capable of doing makes him great for the business of media, and bad for America.

How Ben Carson is Engaging in Double-Speak

Dr. Ben Carson won’t attend Thursday’s GOP debate, and doesn’t see a path to victory, but will remain a candidate, so long as donations are fluid, maybe.

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From Dishwasher to Award-Winning Restaurateur

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Can Friday Night Lights Survive the NFL?

For high schoolers, football can be a proud badge of being human. So how do we keep that and yet acknowledge the toll of brain injuries in the NFL? Jessicah Lahitou explores the issues.

Grade School Gets Schooled on Obvious Gender Bias

Because boys don’t need to learn confidence and girls aren’t going to college? Yeah, right!

From Arraignment to Marital Arrangement—A Texas Youth’s Strange Day in Court

Josten Bundy, 21, must write a Biblical verse twenty-five times daily for the next two years as part of his probation. Oh yeah, and he had to get married as well.

How Texas Shut Down A Prison

Texas saved $2 billion for taxpayers by cutting prison spending while making the state safer.

#WacoThugs Exposed The Media’s Unfortunate Racist Double Standard

The Waco biker gangs aren’t just murderers — they’re ‘thugs.’ Why won’t the media call them that?