Big Government, Texas Style


The divide between conservatives and liberals is more about what government should do, not how big it should be.

Sentenced to Wait: Efforts to End Prison Rape Stall Again


The Prison Rape Elimination Act was passed in Washington 2003. It still hasn’t been fully implemented.

Men Conversing Rationally, Something Needed More In Online Comments Sections

Comment-Final copy

When a female teacher gives a fifteen year old a lap dance, you’d expect the news story itself to be the most disturbing part. You would be wrong.

A Kinder, Modernized Second Amendment


Are threats and intimidation the M.O. of gun rights activists? Chris Hicke delves into one of the more divisive topics facing our nation today.

Twin 7-Year-Old Boys Fight off Carjacker Who Stole Car While They Were in it (Video)


Two 7-year-old boys in Texas are being praised by law enforcement for their quick thinking after being caught in the middle of a carjacking.

With Money to be Made, Wind Power Booms in Oil-Rich Texas

Wind- Michael Heinz-ap

If you leave federal taxes out of the equation as inevitable, wind is a very profitable proposition at state level.

School Board Lets Trans Teacher Keep Her Job


For once, there’s a happy ending to a story about ignorant parents attacking a transgender teacher: the school board of Lumberton, Texas has decided to stand by Laura Jane Klug, and returned her to her duties in the school system.



In the latest installment of “Love, Recorded,” a car named Kiki gets in an accident. But what really hurts is the crash between the present and the past.

The Ways We Talk, the Ways We Listen


“My brother visits from Korea with his girlfriend, S. If they marry, I will not be the only adoptee in the family to return to Korea and marry a Korean woman.” By Matthew Salesses

This is Not What You’d Expect a Cop to Do When He Pulls Over

Dashcam video

If you are expecting to see something out of “Cops”, think again.

‘Friday Night Lights’: A True Story of the Big Myth

Friday Night Lights

As the Texas high-school football playoffs enter championship weekend, one ex-player provides a first-person portrait of Friday Night Lights.

Texas National Guard Now Offering Benefits to Same-Sex Couples

texas (550x352)

Georgia and Louisiana remain the only two states that are in violation of the Defense Department’s directive to ensure same-sex couples are afforded the same federal benefits through the National Guard as other married couples.

In Paris, A Bohemian Love at First Sight


Queue the squeezebox and pop the champagne. This story of courtship gives us a reason to believe in mature romance.

What The Church Can Learn From the DMV (And How You Can Be Successful There)

DMV photo by burnbless

Nathan Loewen learns a lesson about diversity through an annoying trip to the DMV.

Alabama Grants Posthumous Pardon to ‘Scottsboro Boys’ Falsely Convicted in Racially Tinged Case

Scottsboro Boys-ap

Twice, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the boys’ convictions, the first time, issuing a landmark decision on the right to effective assistance of counsel, and the second time invalidating a trial that included no black jurors

The Awfulness of Rafael Cruz


Rafael Cruz’s unfortunate outbursts highlights one of the biggest problems with the modern Republican Party.